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How do I return or exchange my order?FAQs with Videos
How fast can I receive my order?FAQs with Videos
Will there be company names/logos on my package?FAQs with Videos
What is your return policy?
How do you protect my privacy?
How do I track my Order?
Why haven't I received my order receipt or tracking email?
How do I enter my international address in the shopping cart?
Why didn't my coupon code work?
Where do I input my coupon code?
Do I need to create an account?
What if there are delivery problems with my order?
I think my product has a defect. What do I do?


I need a booty boost! Where do I start?FAQs with Videos
What are your best seamless no-panty-line shapers to avoid VPL (visible panty lines)?FAQs with Videos
What is my size in Bubbles Bodywear? (& how to measure)FAQs with Videos
Should I get Underwear with padding or a Booty Lifter/Butt Bra without padding?
What undergarment do you recommend for a droopy bottom?
I want butt boosting and waist cinching. What are my options?
How do I care for my Bubbles undergarments?
How do I care for my Bubbles padding?
Can I alter my Love My Bubbles shapewear?
What's the difference - Padded Underwear vs. Butt Bras vs. Butt Lifters?

Padded Panties + Booty/Hips Padding

This is the first time I've shopped for booty/hip pads. Where do I start?FAQs with Videos
What's the difference between your two Bonded Body styles?FAQs with Videos
Should I get Silicone or Foam Butt Pads?FAQs with Videos
What Pad Size should I choose?
What do I buy if I want Hip Pads?
Can I wear your booty pads in my own underwear?
Can I buy replacement pocket-panties?
How long will my Silicone or Foam Pads last?
Which padded panties ship with Clear Jiggly Silicone Pads?
Which Padded Panties Have Lower Pad Pockets?
Can I wear my booty or hip pads through TSA airport checks?

Thickness faqs...

What are the thickest booty pads you make?FAQs with Videos
What are the thinnest booty pads you make?FAQs with Videos
Can I stack more than one set of pads in the pockets of my panties?

Compare charts...

What's the difference - the Hipee vs. the Glamour Gal?FAQs with Videos
What's the difference - built-in booty pads vs. removable padding?FAQs with Videos
What's the difference between these Doubles - LITE vs. Seamless vs. Tummy Tucker?FAQs with Videos
What's the difference - Oblong vs. Elongated Sticky Hips?FAQs with Videos
What's the difference - Bootiful Padded Boyshortsvs. BubbleBuns Padded Boyshorts?
What's the difference - Pin-up vs. Hotcakes?
What's the difference - Foxy Fanny Drop Silicone vs. Original Silicone?

Non-Padded Styles

Are the effects permanent if I use the Booty Lifters or Butt Bras daily?FAQs with Videos
What is your most popular Booty Lifter (products without padding)?

Our Company

How long has Bubbles Bodywear been in business?
Do you have an Affiliate program?
How do I Delete My Account?
How do I unsubscribe from your Email List?
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