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What is the difference between the Pin-up Boyshorts and the Hotcakes Boyshorts?

Hotcakes Padded Panty Pin-up Padded Panty
Hotcakes Padded Panty Boyshorts Pin-up Padded Boy Short Panty
Patent-pending pad shape creates a full, noticeable and realistic-looking booty boost.
Lowrise boyshort cut that features our exclusive, removable, polygon-shaped booty pads.
The booty pads that ship with both of these panty/pads set are made of foam, which is a super-lightweight, affordable boosting solution.
Optional Lite Silicone Polygon Pads can be added to your panty/pad set. This pad option is great for those who want a more realistic-feeling booty-boosting material. No optional pads are offered. The Pin-up panty fabric is very lightweight and may not properly support the weight of silicone.
Cotton gusset.
Both panties use a soft, stretchy, smooth, nylon/spandex blend fabric.
Both Pocket-Panties feature a sheer panel in the front of the panty.
The BACK of the panty is made of nylon and spandex/cotton. This design completely hides the pads. The Cotton fabric lining against the cheeks is breathable and ultra-comfortable in all climates. The BACK of the panty is sheer and made of nylon. Results in an extremely low-profile lightweight panty design.
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