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Waist Cinchers & Slimmers

Our Waist Cinching Collection combines feminine design, attention to detail and a comfortable fit...but with the strength and quality needed for strong, effective body shaping.

Waist Cinchers and Body Slimmers

Seamless Strapless Bodysuit
★ Bestselling Slimmer
padding Seamless Bodysuit
padding Seamless Waist Cincher
Seamless Waist Cincher
Moderate Control
Waist Cincher Vest
padding Waist Cincher Vest
Waist Cincher Vest
Firm Control
padding Waist Cincher Vest
Waist Nipper
Graduated Control
Seamless Highwaist Thong
Seamless Thong Bodysuit
Moderate Control
★ Bestselling Slimmer
padding Smoothing Control Panty
padding Highwaist Control Panty
Diamond Highrise Panty
Moderate Control
Seamless Comfort Brief
padding Bettie Body Shaper
The Bettie
Booty Lifting
Strong Control

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