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Simply put, Bubbles® is a pioneer in the figure enhancing business - since 2003, we've created brand new products that never before existed. So we had to invent our own terminology, phrases and descriptions too - a whole new taxonomy - to describe our products. To help our customers navigate all of these new product choices, we've published this glossary to help define all the Bubbles' lingo...

Fit and Style Definitions

An underwear style the resembles snug-fitting shorts, extending down the leg slightly with an inseam of approximately an inch or less. Variations can include high-waisted boyshorts although the most common style is lowrise or super-lowrise. The best benefit to boyshorts is that they can be designed to prevent visible panty lines.

An underwear style with a midwaist rise and full coverage over the derriere. Variations can include briefs that extend down the leg (referred to as mid-thigh brief).

See our Waistline Style Guide for definitions on Lowrise, Midwaist, Hi-rise, Highrise and Highwaist.

Bum Lifting Shapewear

Bum Bra or Butt Bra
Any body shaper the lifts the butt cheeks from below, without padding or full coverage underwear.

Panties, briefs and full body shapers with holes cut out of the back which help push the cheeks "up" and "out" of the panty creating a perky, lifted effect without padding. All Double-O's provide the same amount of derriere-lift but there are a variety of figure-control levels to choose from (from Light to Maximum slimming effect). A collection invented by Bubbles Bodywear, Double-O is a trademark of Bubbles Bodywear.

Pick-Me-Up booty lifters are great for those who like the Double-O but would feel more comfortable with more coverage over the rear. Similar to the Double-O, this buttock lifter "perkifies" the cheeks without padding. A thin layer of fabric covers each cheek.

Butt Boosters
Garter-style butt lifter. Works like a push-up bra for your booty, providing a little lift without padding. Great for those who want no shaping at or over the hip. Patent-pending and designed by Bubbles Bodywear. Available styles include Bands, ThighShapers and Capris.

Padded Underwear

A panty with pockets in the back for derriere enhancement padding. When purchased separately, a Pocket-Panty does not ship with pads. A person would buy a Pocket-Panty if they want extra panties to use with booty pads they already own. Buying the Pocket-Panty separately (without pads) helps to save customers money when they need additional panties but don't need more pads.

If you don't have Booty Pads or a Pocket-Panty already, we recommend visiting our "Padded Underwear" department and first shopping for a "panty/pad set". This is because we design and match a pad's shape, style, weight and thickness to the style of the Pocket-Panty so you know you'll get panties and pads that fit together perfectly.

On the other hand, our regular customers might like a particular panty style, but would like to match it with a pad set other than the set that is sold with the panty. So purchasing a Pocket-Panty (without the pads) and Booty Pads separately allows customers to Customize Their Curves by mixing and matching Pocket Panties with booty pads that work best for them.

To find all our Pocket Panties styles sold without the pads, go to our Search page and search for "Pads not Included".

Booty Pads
Padding that enhances the look and feel of the derriere, available in 3 types of silicone and lightweight polyurethane foam. Our booty pads can be purchased in two ways:
  1. In a set with a Pocket-Panty
  2. Separately for those who want to try different pads inside their Pocket-Panty or buy replacement pads for panties they already have
Booty pads should be worn inside a Pocket-Panty to ensure that the pads stay in place. Only the Sticky Buns can be worn by themselves (without pocket panties).

Pad size
Here at Bubbles, we know that one size does NOT fit all, so we manufacture more pads types and sizes than any company in the world! All our pads increase in thickness as the pad size increases (for example, Small pads will be much thinner than the XX-Large pads). There is a small difference from one size to the next, but skipping-up 2 to 3 sizes will show a noticeable difference in booty enhancing effect (and will still fit into a pocket-panty of a smaller size).

Feel Real
We gave this name to our silicone booty pads because these pads give the most realistic feel if someone were to [accidentally] touch your behind. Feel Real pads have the consistency of an actual booty cheek. Feel Real is a trademark of Bubbles Bodywear.

Traditional Silicone
Traditional Silicone has the texture, firmness and weight of the silicone you have always known and loved. This silicone is used in both booty and breast enhancing padding (like silicone "cutlets").

Lightweight Silicone
Lightweight Silicone is traditional silicone that has air infused into the silicone during the manufacturing process. Since the pad is half air, half silicone, it is half the weight of a traditional silicone pad. These pads are slightly firmer than traditional silicone.

When we first introduced these to the market, we called them "Featherweight" pads because they are much lighter than traditional silicone. But customers who have never tried the heavier traditional silicone said…."hey, these aren't light as a feather!" And since the customer is always right, we changed the description to "lightweight"!

Clear Silicone
Clear silicone is the smushiest silicone available on the market today. We developed this type of silicone to be a bit softer than the traditional NUDE silicone pads, creating a more "jiggly" effect. We also made these pads slightly thicker than the NUDE traditional silicone pads. Because the pads are softer, they can sink down into a pocket panty if the panty is not designed to hold the weight of the pad. So make sure you are pairing these pads with the proper panty listed here: Clear silicone booty padding.

Self-Adhesive Butt Pads
We call these our "Sticky Buns". These pads have self-renewing adhesive on the dome-side of the pads. The adhesive sticks to the inside of your underwear or jeans (rather than sticking to the skin). After hand-washing the adhesive-side of the pads, the stickiness will renew. Pads can be washed about 75 times before stickiness will begin to fade.

Fake Bum Pants
While Bubbles is known for realistic curve-creations, many will refer to butt pads as a fake bum, or padded panties as fake bum pants. These phrases are particularly popular in Great Britain where a booty is commonly called a bum. But rest assured that they are all the same product.

Slimmers, Shapers, Pretty Shapewear

Boning is a support that is incorporated into a garment for added support and to prevent rolling. Boning can be rigid or flexible. Modern shapewear typically uses flexible and comfortable plastic boning while traditional and antique corsetry can use metal to create the support.

The newest development in shapewear, latex is a form of rubber that has been stretched and flattened to make sheets of fabric that is then sewn into shapewear. The natural qualities of this high quality shaping fabric makes for a comfortable yet highly effective maximum control body shaper.

Shaping Control Meter
Bubbles Bodywear's meter that measures the strength and firmness of a body shaper (not the derriere-lift capability). Maximum control will give the most slimming, flattening and tightening effect while "Light" control garments will provide gentle smoothing and comfortable control.

Thigh Slimmer
A body shaping panty that smooths and slims the full length of the thigh from hip to knee.


Silicone push-up pads designed to be inserted into a bra cup to make boobs look bigger.

Everyday Pasties
Nipple covers that help to hide your most precious parts when going braless. Also great for wearing inside bras to prevent the "headlight" look. Bubbles offers over 5 different nipple petal options!

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