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Silicone Adhesive Booty Pads

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Sticky Buns!

Stick-N-Go Self-Adhesive Foam Booty Pads

A simple and affordable way to sweeten the size and shape of your buns! These unique foam pads include a silicone adhesive backing that is washable and reusable. Also features a soft fabric layer that covers and protects the inside of the foam pad so it's nice and soft against the skin.

Just press the pads against the inside of your undies or pants and the sticky adhesive layer will hold the pads in place. No need to purchase undies with pad pockets. Just Stick-N-Go!
  • Removable, lightweight foam padding.
  • Innovative, realistic pad shape.
  • NEW design to make sure they disappear under clothing.
  • NEW 2XL size!
We also recommend The Veronica (pictured below) as the perfect panty paired with our Sticky Buns to hold the Sticky Buns close to the body, to ensure no lines and a smooth look under dresses, skirts or slacks.

Genuine Bubbles Bodywear Foam

  • Product Code: 9508
  • Available Colors: Neutral
  • Wash by hand with warm water.
  • Final sale item (cannot be returned or exchanged)
  • Available Sizes: S - 2XL

Sticky Buns Foam Booty Pads

Add The Veronica Panty (optional):

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Note: Sorry! Because the Sticky Buns feature an adhesive and reusable layer, they are considered disposable and can not be returned or exchanged.
Sticky Buns Size Chart**
Dress Size Height (in)* Width (in)* Thickness (in)*
Small 0-4 6" 6¼" ¾"
Medium 4-8 6" 6⅕" 1"
Large 8-15 6⅕" 7" 1"
X-Large 15-14 7" 7¼" 1¼"
2XL 14-16 7¼" 7¾" 1¼"
*Measurements are approximate.

**Sticky Buns are new & improved as of February 10, 2015!

Shopping tip:

Sticky Buns can be worn inside jeans or full-cut underwear. We also recommend The Veronica (pictured left) as the perfect compliment to the Sticky Buns. The Veronica will help hold the Sticky Buns close to the body and ensure no lines and a smooth look under dresses, skirts or slacks.

Baby Got Feedback...
Five Star Rating I just received my order of sticky buns.... Oh my... I love it, love it, love it..... Fits well with my slinky dresses and slacks. Not to mention delivery was prompt and efficient..... I will definitely recommend this site to everyone I know that needs a little boost in self- confidence....

-Dee Dee, MD
Such a great idea! I love my sticky buns!

-Jennifer, FL