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Silicone Adhesive Hip Pads

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Silicone Panty FeedbackBaby Got Feedback
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Sticky Hips® Oblong SILICONE Pads

Stick-N-Go Self-Adhesive Silicone Hip Pads

$ 45.00 - 49.00
Adhesive Hip Pads Product Video Hip Pads Before and After Video Styling Video - Stickies under Seamless Shorts FAQ Video - Silicone vs. Foam
A simple and affordable way to get sexy hourglass curves! These clever, removable, adhesive silicone hip pads were invented by Bubbles and are only available here at

Our patent-pending Sticky Hips® feature an adhesive backing that is both washable and reusable. Just press the sticky side of the hip padding against the inside of your shapewear and the adhesive will hold the pads in place. No need to purchase undies with pad pockets. Just Stick-N-Go® for realistic Marilyn-like curves!

Pads are also adaptable depending on body type. For example, the oblong pad shape can be worn vertically on tall people to give a gradual building effect from the lower back to the crown of the cheek. Those with wider hips may find that wearing the pads horizontally will give a natural and gradual increase from hip to cheek.
  • Creates a natural hip enhancement
  • Realistic-looking super-thin edges
  • Realistic-feeling soft silicone
  • Feels like an extension of your own body
  • Fills-in a "hip dip"
  • Removable, washable and reusable
  • Sticks to your clothing, not your skin
  • Wear under any of our seamless shapers
  • Position anywhere you like for a look customized just for you
  • Another innovative hip enhancer by Bubbles®
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Size Chart
Size APPROX. BOOST (IN) Dimensions* Recommended
w/Panty Size**
A 1/2 inch 5.5 wide, 7 tall XXS - M
B 1 inch 6.25 wide, 8 tall L and up
All measurements are listed in inches.

    Sizing Tips & More...

  • *Due to variances created during the manufacturing process of foam and silicone padding, all references to thickness, boost, width or height of our pads are approximate.
  • **For a proportional boost, choose a pad size that matches your typical panty size. Size up for a bigger boost, size down for a more subtle boost.
  • Example: If you're an "A" but would like to get a bigger boost, size up to a "B". If you're a "B", size down to an "A" for a smaller boost.
This item does not qualify for our standard 30 day Return Policy. Because the Sticky Hips feature an adhesive and reusable layer, they are considered disposable and consequently can not be returned or exchanged. However, if the Pads are tried on with the plastic layer attached and the sticky adhesive did not come in contact with skin, fabric or other surfaces, we will be happy to accept your return for exchange or store credit.

Estimated up to 80 washes before adhesive layer fades...but can be used inside pocket-panties after adhesive is no longer effective!
  • Product Code: 9560
  • Available Colors: Nude
  • Available Sizes: A & B
  • Package contains 1 pair (or 2 pads per order, 1 for each cheek)
  • Padding: 100% Silicone made in the USA
  • Designed & Made by Love My Bubbles®
  • We estimate about 100 washings before adhesive layer fades. Then, after adhesive is gone, pads can be worn inside pocket-panties!
  • Clean when pads get dirty and/or loose their stickiness. To clean, run warm water over the pads, then gently rub a drop of liquid soap with fingers over sticky side of pad to loosen any lint or dirt. Rinse. Repeat with other pad. Air dry, sticky side up. When dry, re-cover with plastic film for storage.
  • Keep away from sharp objects and sources of heat.
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Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Five Star Rating
This was exactly what I needed to fix my hip dips. I now can feel confident in right dresses and my wedding dress.

- , WV (Size: A )
Five Star Rating
they make me look great and I feel great in them

- , CO (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
Great product. I have had pelvic fractures and use Product as prosthetic for leveling my "sit bones" (ischial tuberosities) during sitting and riding horses. Feels more like muscle than any other shim material I have tried. Strange but true!

- , OR (Size: B)
Five Star Rating

- , OR (Size: A )
Five Star Rating
Very happy, that's why I came back!!

- , UK (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
Happy customer

- , AU (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
I just received the silicone pads and boy am I in love! I look great! Thank you so much. This is everything I have ever wished for!

- , South Africa (Size: A)
Five Star Rating
The fact that she has a video about each and every product is incredible!!! I am a very visual person and sometimes just reading about a product is not enough for me, I don't really get the information I need be reading or just seeing a few pics of already gorgeous models. Lol! But to have her describe in detail, all of her products is why I will be back again and again to achieve the perfect look I am going for. Kudos to her and her products, and this amazing website!

- , KS (Size: A)
Five Star Rating
Product as described.

- , NY (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
Second time customer and very satisfied!

- , LA (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
Wow! These sticky hips are awesome. I normally have very narrow hips so I ordered a size B even though I wear a small in underwear. The sticky hips filled out my hips beautifully. They are very smooth and really conform to the shape of my body so nothing is bulging out of place and they look so natural under my clothes. They are also very easy to hide even with very short shorts. Good price and great product. They exceeded my expectations!

-, CA (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
WOW these hip pads are so realistic in a pair of Levi's! Thanks Love my Bubbles!

- , TN (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
I love my silicone hip pads.

- , IL (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
superb, have always come back

- , Australia (Size: A)
Five Star Rating
Was amazed they really look real and I don't even notice I have mine on.

- , GA (Size: A)
Five Star Rating
Great product and service. Thanks!

-, HI (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
The sticky hips are an amazing product. It made me feel confident and beautiful in my evening dress.

-, SC (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
Easy check out and great quality products. I love the sticky hips they give that added volume that doesn't slip it sticks extremely well.

-, MN (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
I am so glad that this site exists. The site was easy to navigate through and I found everything I wanted! I am extremely satisfied with the [hip pads] item I ordered and I will definitely order from this site again!

- , NC (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
I am always satisfied with the ease of ordering. This is my 2nd order of the sticky hips!

-, PA (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
I had to hurry up and order secretly from work, and I was able to get through really quickly. The hips look very good on me and it gives a subtle look, and through my clothes it does not feel fake at all. I love them and I will be buying the undies next...

-, IL (Size: B)
Five Star Rating
Such a great idea, it looks and feels natural, so obsessed with them, love it!

-, NJ (Size: A)

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