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Are you interested in selling Bubbles in your store? If are a buyer for a catalog, better boutique, spa, clinic (rehabilitation or plastic surgery), or any high-end retailer selling jeans, dresses or evening wear, Bubbles Bodywear will provide you with hard-to-find, beautifully presented, high-quality shapewear solutions that your customers will LOVE!

Please visit our wholesale website at to apply for re-seller registration. With this website, our retailers can conveniently browse our wholesale offerings and order (and reorder) with no minimum order requirement!

Sorry but we are not accepting applications from the following store types: Amazon, eBay, adult or consignment. Only approved resellers may resell Bubbles Bodywear products. No products manufacturered and sold by Bubbles Bodywear may be resold at any time or under any condition without the express permission of Sweet and Vicious LLC DBA Bubbles Bodywear.



#SlowFashion. We make clothing that lasts.