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Bubbles HQ

About Us

Bubbles® Bodywear is the world's pioneer in designing and manufacturing padded underwear! Our exclusive shapewear designs and our ground-breaking booty-boosting body shapers are the creation of Karen Jones, our Founder and CEO. As a result of her own needs as a not-so-curvy girl, Karen has been designing curve-enhancing solutions for men and women since founding Bubbles® in 2003. Read more about our story.

Our Mission
It's not just about looking good in a pair of jeans. It's about feeling better, walking taller and having the courage to put ourselves in situations that we would otherwise avoid. Our ultimate and ongoing goal is to help our customers look their best...because when we look great, we feel great!

Mission Statement:
  • To encourage self-confidence in our customers by providing the tools they may need to feel good and positive about themselves.
  • To give our customers the opportunity to buy and wear clothing that may not otherwise fit or hang properly.
  • To design and manufacture innovative and original designs, with quality and value as our utmost priorities.
  • To give our customers the dignity and respect they deserve as patrons of Bubbles Bodywear.
  • To benefit our community by providing our team members with living wages, full benefits and work-life-balance, and to support local charities like Dress For Success that boost self-worth and dignity.

Our Commitment
We consider Customer Service to be our best asset (behind our behinds, of course). We believe that our customers deserve quality products and open lines of communication. Please feel free to contact us with your comments, concerns, ideas and stories. We love to listen.

We're always growing and learning here at Bubbles. If you have any suggestions for improvements to Bubbles products, please let us know!
A note from our founder, Karen Jones...
LoveMyBubbles Owner Karen Jones People always ask me..."How did you get into padded underwear?" A little chuckle always follows. Then I explain that in my teens I was teased for my boyishly straight figure. I felt self-conscious and unattractive leaving any room. And I, like many cheek-challenged girls, had a hard time finding any fashions that fit or flattered. This instilled in me a lack of self-confidence at a young age.

Fast forward to 28 - I had an idea to fix my flat behind so I could wear jeans and my favorite pants style...cigarette pants. I wanted an alternative to all of the goofy contraptions and "granny-panties" that already existed - yikes! So I fashioned my first Bubbles prototype in 2003. I donned my new invention and the compliments started rolling in. The ah-ha moment came when I thought - there must be other people like me who would want this.

The part of my body that made me so self-conscious since high school had suddenly become my best asset! That was a shock to me - growing up, I was a straight-as-a-board late-bloomer. My nickname was even Jones Bones. I'm just happy that I was able to turn that negative into a positive. And that's what Bubbles is all about - giving people the tools to approach every morning with moxie! Bubbles is now boosting the self-esteem of hundreds of thousands of not-so-buxom-bottom girls, women and men out there.

If you have another moment, take a look at some of our customer feedback and you'll understand why Bubbles has grown mainly by word-of-mouth. After all, when friends spread the word about their favorite products, you know just how great they are. We're proud to say that Bubbles Bodywear has become the One Stop Booty Shop® for thousands of women and men who want to boost their silhouette (and their self-confidence).

Karen Jones
Owner and Founder
Bubbles Bodywear
"Butts Are Our Business!"
Owner Karen Jones

#SlowFashion. We make clothing that lasts.