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Butt Booster Capris

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Bubbles Bum Lifting Capris

Garter-style Butt Lifter

$ 39.00
Butt Bra Capris Product Video
Our patented Bubbles Butt Boosters work like a push-up bra for the butt! Get the look of footless hosiery without wearing high-waisted shapewear - a great problem-solver for cold weather!

Shaping hosiery provides smoothing and comfortable leg shaping without the need for a girdle or pantyhose.

A special combination of fabrics provide an upward push for a small or flat tush, while a "no roll" band engineered for comfort and hold supports the thigh & butt cheek without uncomfortable squeezing.

Spandex© provides sexy, sheer smoothing hosiery from the base of the booty to the ankle. Designed to support the thigh and butt cheek without uncomfortable squeezing while silicone* provides all-night anti-gravity control for a no-slip comfort fit. Exclusively ours.
  • Product Code: BC
  • Available Sizes: A, B, C, D Size Chart
  • Each package contains 1 PAIR of Bubbles Capris
  • Designed & Made by Bubbles®
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This product features silicone stay-up strips that come in direct contact with the skin. If you are allergic to silicone do not use this product. If skin irritation occurs while wearing this product, remove immediately.

  • Bubbles Capris are best suited for women who want smoothing around the thigh with additional sheer hosiery to the ankle.

  • Take Bubbles shopping with you. You will find that your butt will look great in most of the jeans you try on, giving you more options in the way of style, fit and price!
Bubbles Capris Bubbles Capris Butt Lifters Bubbles Capris
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  • Product Code: BB
  • Available Colors: Black, Nude
  • Panty: Nylon, Spandex, Silicone
  • Designed & Made by Bubbles®
  • Hand wash with cool water and mild detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry.
  • Tip: If you choose to wash in a washing machine, we recommend that you use a protective lingerie wash bag.
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Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Five Star Rating
Thank you so much for this wonderful and useful invention. As someone with a great bubble butt and disproportionately larger thighs this really solves some of my worries:)

-, MA

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