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Bubbles Bands Before & After

A collection of some customer photos sent to us over the years.

Butts and Bubbles (of actual customers)...Send us your Before and After photos and get a FREE Bubbles girl tee-shirt (with shipping)!

Your butt is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, it's a small handful. But with a little help, you could go from "eh" to "Boo-yah" baby! So plump up the volume of those cat-calls with a little boost from Bubbles.

Our perky parts eventually tend to fail us, no matter how hard we fight it. What used to be a nice plump rump has turned into a uniblob of butt and thigh. Where one stops, the other begins...but where is the dividing point? With Bubbles, the mystery is solved. So take that Mr. Newton!

Ick! You know that feeling. You've dawned those tight, warm, sexy jeans straight out of the dryer. Then, 10 minutes later THE SAG begins to form under each cheek. Bubbles helps to push your upper leg into your tush region. This, in turn, fills out the jeans and eliminates THE SAG!

The Slopey Butt
Some of us have a rear end that runs right into our thighs (we've heard this referred to as "slopey butt"). Use Bubbles to separate the trunk from the wheels and they'll be no need to honk for attention!

Jeans that "suck us in"
Here's an example of a pair of tight, sexy jeans that actually flatten a tush that has natural shape. Many of today's jeans styles "suck in" the little bit of curve that we do have.
So reclaim your game, replump your rump and Bubble up!

#SlowFashion. We make clothing that lasts.