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Silicone Butt Pads
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Feel Real™ Silicone Butt Pads

Traditional Nude Silicone
$26.00 - $30.00

Our FEEL REAL silicone "butt pads" were designed for our bestselling Foxy Fanny Silicone Panty. But we had so many requests from customers to offer the silicone pads alone, we just had to make them available!

Silicone butt padding offers a realistic look and feel. Don't worry if you get a little pat on the booty when wearing these pads...the offending violator won't know that the cheap-thrill was silicone induced!

Exclusively available in 8 sizes! (because one size does not fit all!) Note that pads get bigger with size. For example, 2XL pads are thicker and wider than Medium pads. See size chart below

Genuine Bubbles Bodywear Silicone

  • Product Code: SILPAD
  • Available Colors: Nude
  • Available Sizes: XS - 5XL
  • 90-day Warranty!*

IMPORTANT NOTE: These pads MUST be paired with a "pocket panty" to hold the pads in place! The following panties can be paired with these pads:

Shopping tips: There is a small difference from one size to the next, but skipping-up 2 to 3 sizes will show a noticeable difference in booty enhancing effect. And any pad size can be worn in almost any pocket-panty size (e.g.: 4XL pads will fit in a Small Foxy Fanny pocket-panty).

4XL/5XL size: Our exclusive 4XL/5XL is the THICKEST and WIDEST silicone derriere pads ever made!!

Pad Size Chart
X-Small 2/3" thick 5½" wide
Small 3/4" thick 6" wide
Medium 1" thick 6" wide
Large 1" thick 6" wide
X-Large 1¼" thick 6" wide
2XL 1½" thick 6" wide
3XL 1¾" thick 7" wide
4XL/5XL 2" thick 7½" wide

Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
First let me say I LOVE your [silicone] product. I have lived 48 years being uncomfortable with my lack of behind. You guys are the best thing that has happened to me. I should be a sales rep for you guys. I am telling everyone (I know lots of people with flat behinds) and they are all placing orders. I have been carrying my padded panty in the car because everyone wants to see it before they order. I model it for them so they can see me before I put it on and after. I wore it to church and my fellow ushers couldn't believe how natural it looked and felt (yes, they had to touch it) God bless you. Feel free to post my comments.

-Sandra, MI

*Features a 90-day Warranty! Shop with confidence knowing that Bubbles' stands behind our quality. If there is a problem with the quality of your silicone pad within 90 days of purchase, send it back to us for inspection and we will replace it free of charge. Please note that machine washing/drying voids warranty! Booty Pads are only covered when purchased/worn with panties that are recommended for that pad.