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Silicone Hip Butt Pads

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FEEL REAL™ Silicone Oblong Pads

Traditional Silicone For Hips or Butt

From $ 32.00
These "oblong" silicone pads are perfect for the hips or the rear-end. Giving a more subtle boost than our round silicone pads, this size and shape simply provides an alternative boosting effect.

Pads are also adaptable depending on body type. For example, the silicone pad shape can be worn vertically on tall people to give a gradual building effect from the lower back to the crown of the cheek. Those with wider hips may find that wearing the pads horizontally will give a natural and gradual increase from hip to cheek.

  • Oblong in shape and realistic to the touch.

  • Wide & tall with a moderate thickness.

  • Made of our Traditional Silicone for a natural feel and appearance.

  • Oblong shape can be used for butt or hip enhancement.

  • Pad thickness increases with size very minimally. So this is an ideal pad syle for more cheek coverage without added thickness. Please see size chart below for approximate dimensions.

  • Must be worn inside a Bubbles pocket panty. See the Fits well in these Bubbles Pocket-Panties... section below for compatibility.
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Height (in) Width (in) Thickness (in)
Size A 7 5 ¾
Size B 8 6 1 ¼
Please note that pad measurements are approximate.
These pads are included with some of our panty/pad sets (which is an easier & more economical way to buy). But if you choose to buy separately, please note that these pads MUST be worn inside a recommended Bubbles® Pocket-Panty to hold the pads in place.

These Pads are included in these Panty/Pad Sets:

Front and back of the Foxy Fanny DROP Panty/Pad Set

These pads can also fit into these pocket-panties:

Front and back of the Foxy Fanny Original Pocket-Panty Front and back of the Foxy Fanny LACE Pocket-Panty Front and back of the Foxy Fanny Mid-thigh Pocket-Panty Front and back of the Retro Lace Pocket-Panty Front and back of the Retro Diamond Pocket-Panty Front and back of the I Heart Curves Front and back of the BONDED BODY the Danger! Curves Behind Half-Slip the Danger! Curves Behind Full-Slip Front and back of the Behind The Seams Midrise Boxer Front and back of the Behind The Seams Highrise Boxer Front and back of the Perfect Pocket-Panty Front and back of the Retro Satin Hipster Pocket-Panty Front and back of the Victorian Bodysuit
  • Product Code: SIL-TRAD-OB (was 9580)
  • Available Colors: Nude
  • Available Sizes: A, B
  • Package contains 1 pair (or 2 pads per order, 1 for each cheek)
  • Designed & Made by Love My Bubbles®

*Features a 90-day Warranty! Shop with confidence knowing that Bubbles' stands behind our quality. If there is a problem with the quality of your silicone pad within 90 days of purchase, send it back to us for inspection and we will replace it free of charge. Please note that machine washing/drying voids warranty! Booty Pads are only covered when purchased/worn with panties that are recommended for that pad.
  • Never put silicone pads in a washing machine or dryer.
  • If silicone pads require cleaning, wipe with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Keep away from sharp objects and sources of high heat (like open flame or heaters).
  • Avoid contact with adhesive products (like tape or glue) as this may damage the outer membrane of the pad.

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Five Star Rating
These pads balance out your figure. They're comfortable and make you look fabulous. Just like the real thing--maybe better.

-, OK

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