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Butt Enhancing Pads

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Premium Wide Foam Booty Pads

Replacement foam butt pads
These are the WIDEST booty pads ever made! These butt pads are not only wide, but they actually go up to a dramatic 2.75 inches of thickness for the fullest, most bootiful booty you can create (without surgery)! Available in Thin and Thick, in six different sizes!

These pads have been designed for our customers who asked for a booty pad that covers more of the "cheek". NOTE: Make sure to pair them with one of our Bubbles® pocket-panties listed below for a proper fit.
  • Product Code: 95-WIDE
  • Available Colors: Nude, Black
  • Designed & Made by Bubbles®
Size Chart
Thickness Width (Diameter)
XS approx. ¼ inch 6½ inches wide
Small approx. ¼ inch 6½ inches wide
Medium approx. ½ inch 6¾ inches wide
Large approx. ¾ inch 6¾ inches wide
X-Large approx. ¾ inch 7¼ inches wide
2XL approx. 1 inch 7½ inches wide
XS approx. ¾ inch 6½ inches wide
Small approx. 1 inch 6½ inches wide
Medium approx. 1¼ inches 6¾ inches wide
Large approx. 1½ inches 6¾ inches wide
X-Large approx. 2¼ inches 7¼ inches wide
2XL approx. 2¾ inches 7½ inches wide

These pads are best matched with:

round flat round