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Cloth Covered Butt Pads

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Cloth-Covered Derriere Pads

Durable Cupped Butt Padding

$ 15.00
These premium cloth-covered foam pads are pretty, durable and long-lasting! Cloth covered foam makes for a premium derriere pad because the cloth protects the foam from ripping, chipping or deterioration. They are the most durable of all foam padding.

These cloth-covered pads are one of our thinnest pads - adding just about a 1/4 inch for a subtle boost.

The "cupped" style of the pads fits perfectly over the crown of each cheek.

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  • Product Code: 9531
  • Available Colors: Nude, Black
  • Available Sizes: see below
  • Wash by hand with warm water.
  • Designed & Made by Bubbles®