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How do I choose a size?

Choosing a clothing size over the internet is not easy! When deciding which size to buy, please follow the size charts on each individual product page. This is because garments of different styles (like slimming shapewear vs.  boosting/padded shapewear, etc), that are made with different fabrics, or that have different cuts may fit differently from one product to the next.

Things to remember when choosing a size:

  1. Each product page has a size chart specific to the fit and cut of that garment. Follow that chart to choose your size.

  2. If an item runs small, it will be stated on that product's particular web page.

  3. For individual product advice, scroll down each product page to read customer comments. You may find advice about whether or not to "size up" or "size down".

  4. Please note that not all shapewear is available in all sizes because not all styles are effective across the full size range.

  5. For our international shoppers: We have customers from all over the world where sizing can be very different from the U.S.  For shoppers outside the US, we recommend the following size conversion charts: Women's Clothing Size Conversions Size Chart Calculator

If you need additional sizing advice, please call to speak to one of our products experts: 1-800-401-5811.