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What's the difference between silicone and foam padding?


Pros: A Lightweight, comfortable and economical booty-boosting solution. Soft and cushiony and made with high-quality foam (like the material in a car seat).

Cons: Not as realistic to the touch as silicone. Those concerned that someone may touch their backside, will feel more confident choosing our silicone booty padding instead.


Pros: Padding made of Silicone is a premium booty-enhancement solution. Silicone has a realistic feel - when touched it feels like a real derriere. Because silicone feels so realistic, this type of booty pad is a great option for those who are concerned that someone may touch their backside while wearing padding. Silicone pads can feel like an extension of your own body.

Cons: Silicone weighs more than foam booty pads so they feel heavier. Silicone is a premium material and is therefore a more expensive option compared to foam pads.


Pros: Features the benefits of silicone's realistic feel, but weighs less than our Traditional or Clear Premium Silicone. Best for those who prefer the realistic feel of silicone, but don't like its heavier weight. Specially designed for our pocket-panties made of lighter-weight fabrics.

Cons: Although lighter than our original silicone pads, Lite Silicone still weighs more than the Foam padding. Silicone is a premium material and is therefore a more expensive option compared to foam pads.