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I want butt boosting and waist cinching. What are my options?

For a butt boost and waist cinching, we have several options. We have divided them into different style sections...

  1. BUILT-IN BOOTY PADS: Our Caboost with Waist Cincher features thick built-in booty pads and a strong waist slimming band attached to the panty.

  2. REMOVABLE BOOTY PADS: For those who want a padded panty with removable pads, we suggest simply pairing the preferred padded panty style with one of our Waist Cinchers. This is the most customizable option as any panty/waist cincher combo will work together. This is also the least challenging and more comfortable option as bathroom visits and dressing/undressing will be more convenient.

  3. NON-PADDED BOOSTING: Any of our butt bras or booty-boosting shapewear can also be paired with any of our waist cinchers to create an hourglass figure.
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