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Behind The Seams Padded Boxer

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Caboost!® Hi-rise Waist Cincher Padded Panty

Built-in 2 inch thick padded panties

$ 39.00
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Got a loose caboose? Has gravity taken over your formerly perky posterior? Been suffering from FBS (flat butt syndrome)? Then boost your bottom with Caboost!® padded panties from Bubbles Bodywear!

This Caboost!® padded panty style offers maximum enhancement with built-in molded pads and a waist cinching band across the midsection. Providing maximum tummy control and a big boost to your backside, this padded underwear creates a dramatic hourglass figure.
  • Highwaist padded panty with built-in padding
  • Hi-rise waist cincher attached to the panty
  • Provides approximately 2" of boost
  • Flat-front waist cincher for a seamless look
This Caboost's booty padding offers about 2 inches of boost, one of the thickest padded undies we offer for a KimK-sized boost! For this same style without the waist cincher, see our Midrise Caboost. Exclusively ours.
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Size Chart
Dress Size Hips (in) UK EU
Small 0 - 2 34 - 35.5 4 - 6 36
Medium 4 - 6 36 - 37.5 6 - 8 38
Large 8 - 10 38 - 39.5 10 - 12 40
X-Large 12 - 14 40 - 41.5 14 - 16 42
  • Product Code: 9053
  • Available Colors: Nude, Black
  • Available Sizes: S - XL
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Designed & Made by Bubbles®
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Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Well let me start off by saying I never ever give comments to any of the companies I buy from because I just look at it as a waste of time but I really feel like you guys need to hear me out. I own two products from bubbles, The Caboost underwear and the Pick me up boxers and I'm obsessedddd. I just purchased the premium silicone pads in a 5XL & can't wait to wear them. I have bought a few pairs of padded panties and booty lifters off of a cheap Chinese website but I really did get what I paid for and it was terrible lol. I somehow found you guys and it was the best discovery of my life :) Also I used your texting option so I can ask some questions and I got immediate responses and she was very nice and understanding, her name is Connie so shout out to her! No kidding I got The notification that my item has shipped already and it's only been 3-5 minutes & that's crazy insane! Really thank you so much for everything, you always have the best sales, deals, coupons and free gifts & fast shipping! No doubt will I be back for the 4th time soon :)

-, CA (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
This is one of the best enhance panty I've seen and came in contact with, compare to some others out there The quality of material is excellent. The description is accurate as stated. If you're looking for something to boost the behind and hold waist line this is the ideal... The material is very firm but also stretches, it's just perfect for the love handle and muffin top. Also the chart sizing is accurate. I'm size 4/6. height 5’ 6”. weight 137 lbs. The medium was perfect fit.

When I first opened package I tried on. I then tried jeans, closed fitted dress, and leggings just to see how it looks under these clothing, surprisingly it looked great! The only problem is that it's way too dramatic for me. I never thought it would be to such extent until I tried it. I wish this same style would of come in 1" thick. So far it looked great under all clothing but the best under jeans. Looked so so natural and gives curves.

Really love but I'll have to exchange for another that has 1".

Great buy!

-, NY
Four Star Rating
sorry for the long review, Took one star off because shipping, it was just shipped in a poly mailer and the bag was damaged. The underwear was in a plastic bag but no type of protection. With it being foam pads, they looked slightly wrinkled probably from another package sitting on top of it, which I would assume would even out after a couple days anyway and did not show through the clothing. I had to exchange this item because it was too small, I recommend ordering a size up from what you normally wear. The waist cincher doesn't go up high enough so it cuts into your waist especially being too small. Naturally I don't have "rolls" but with this item it created rolls so I'm exchanging for the next size up and hopefully that will resolve that issue. Overall I love this item the padding is not obvious, I got this to wear under my wedding dress in May and it is perfect for that except for the slight rolls from where it was too small so I think with the bigger size it'll look better in the waist area. I didn't see any other ones with out the waist cincher that had the same amount of padding (over 2 inches) other wise I would just recommend ordering that. Totally transformed the dress. The seamstress is the one who recommended padded underwear and it was a genius idea because she couldn't make the dress AS fitted as I wanted. She was surprised that I actually got it because apparently no one ever does when she tells them to. So if your getting married and need a little help in the booty area, GET THIS ITEM, I promise you will not regret it. Also I wasn't sure if I should get silicone when originally ordering but with it being under the wedding dress the foam works good and looked natural. Size info: normally wear small in underwear and size 2-4 in jeans depending on the brand, I'm 5'2 125 lbs. exchanged for medium, small in this item was too tight

-, TN