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Caboost! Padded Panties

2-inch Built-in Padded Panty

$ 36.00
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Got a loose caboose? Has gravity taken over your perky posterior? Then boost your bottom with Bubbles' Caboost padded panties! Our Caboost padded panty offers maximum booty enhancement, built-in molded pads and a midrise waistline. Providing moderate tummy control and a big boost to your backside, these underwear add shape and size in a brief panty style. Provides about 2 inches of boost, covering the full backside - from hip to hip. They're the thickest built-in padded undies you'll find on the market today!
Caboost! Padded Panty

Black swatch
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Size Chart
Dress Size Hips (in) UK EU
Small 0 - 2 34 - 35.5 4 - 6 36
Medium 4 - 6 36 - 37.5 6 - 8 38
Large 8 - 10 38 - 39.5 10 - 12 40
X-Large 12 - 14 40 - 41.5 14 - 16 42
XXL 16 - 18 42 - 43.5 18 - 20 44
3XL 20 - 22 44 - 45.5 20 - 22 46
  • Product Code: 9050
  • Available Colors: Champagne, Black
  • Available Sizes: S - 3XL
  • Panty: 90% Polyester 10% Spandex, Cotton gusset
  • Padding: 100% Polyurethane Foam
  • Designed & Made by Love My Bubbles®
  • Hand wash, cool water, mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.
  • Recommended wash method: Wash by submerging in a sink/tub of cool-warm water and a few drops of detergent. Gently squeeze soapy water through. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Note: Hand washing is recommended to extend the life and preserve the shape of the garment. But if you do choose to launder in a washing machine/dryer, make sure to use the delicate cycles.
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Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Five Star Rating
I love love love Bubbles body wear!!!! it makes my curves look amazing and it keeps me right and the price is perfect

- , VA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Thank you for offering such a specialty/niche market product. After reading reviews, I noticed many of your customers are gastric bypass patients who successfully lost weight, but all lost their bum! That's is me, so I can relate to the loss of the curvy, "good fat" too! I will tell all my friends at our support group (about 75+ people at the hospital in Pittsburgh, PA) about Bubbles Bodywear. They will be excited for a realist answer to their problems. Again, thank you for offering this product! Natalie K.

- , PA (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Im 5'5 and weigh 130lbs and the size Medium fit perfectly! I wear it everyday. 5 STARS!!!!!!!

- , NJ (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Great product. I love the caboost midrise.

- , Canada (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Love the quality, definitely looks natural !!

- , Canada (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
I enjoyed my shopping experience however, I do believe that some of the underwear's; more specifically the low rise padded bubble buns panty runs one to one in half sizes small. For example, if you are a size large, you are better of going one to two sizes up.

- , NY (Size: 2XL)
Five Star Rating
ok I received my order, OMG I love these undies, the medium was a tad loose so I ordered a small, if those work out I will place my huge order, I Love what these do for my tush!!

- , IN (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I love love love your products and I especially like the fact that you charge so little to rush the order. Most places charge a small fortune. This is my second time ordering and I have raved about your website AND products. Keep up the good work!

- , OH (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
I love the Caboost shapewear! I've never felt so confident in my jeans as I do when I'm wearing it. It looks very natural! I placed my order on a Friday and received it the following Monday! Shipping was very fast!

- , FL (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
Love them, thanks so much

- , GA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
i LOVE my new bubbles, i finally have the curves i've always dreamed of.

- , OK (Size: 3XL)
Five Star Rating
I received my caboost omg I love it it is the best ever my rump looks fab

- , IN (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
previously ordered panty in XL regular size and it was too small. Did not realize you had plus sizes. Hoping this one will fit

- , DE (Size: 3XL)
Five Star Rating
Too big...Size guide not accurate. Shipped back for different size

- , RI (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
The speed from order to delivery was the fastest I have ever seen from a company. It took 21 minutes from the time I ordered to get a tracking number and it was on a Friday afternoon and was delivered Sunday by mail, amazing!

- , MT (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
Loving my booty now!

- , CO (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Great product!

- , FL (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Retuning customer for the 3rd time absolutely love everything that I ever purchased

- , CO (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Quick and easy. The product fits nicely.

- , PA (Size: 2XL)
Five Star Rating
Fabulous! I will be purchasing more.

- , VA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Looove it!!!

- , VA (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
I love my bubbles. You guys rock.

- , GA (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Love everything I buy.

- , GA (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
The packaging was sufficient and the timely shipping of the item(s) was great. I was disappointed that I couldn't fit the 3x Caboose brief. I'm 260lbs and flat in the back so I was hoping I would lol.

- , MI (Size: 3XL)
Five Star Rating
Love love love I bought the size 3X and I wear size 18-20. I love how it enhance my booty

- , FL (Size: 3XL)
Four Star Rating
Very easy ordering! I'm really hoping the panties fit :) ******Update after delivery******** They are SO cute, but THEY DONT FIT! I will keep them, and hopefully squeeze into them in a couple mos :)

- , AZ (Size: 3XL)
Five Star Rating
I have purchased from Bubbles Bodywear just last week, I love my product so much that now I need more!

- , ZA (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
I have been using your product for years....simply the best

- , CA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
.the material is not made for that I can work out..other than that they are ok

- , WA (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
great I dont go out without my padded panties

- , GA (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
I plan on buying 3 more pairs of padded panties, (and nipple covers :-) Love you Bubble People :-)

- , MA (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Lovvve your stuff

- , CA (Size: 2XL)
Five Star Rating
I have always had a flat butt. I love your butt panties....

- , NC (Size: Medium)
Four Star Rating
I finally have an A@@. I am 44 and gravity has caught up with me. I just discovered this site and have already bought the bubble buns padded bikini. the problem is, the foam tends to go flat fast. I have not have them a couple of months and my husband told me he noticed my beautiful butt was going away again. I recently lost almost 100 pounds and am trying to fit back into some of my old clothes until I can gain some back. this has gave me the confidence to go out in the world again. I just wish the panties came up a tad bit higher. I tend to pull them up constantly , even with a belt. im hopeing with the choices I have made today, I will feel good again. consider the 5 feet five girls that are a size 0. we have to have small but it barley covers our crack if we don't want panties up to our belly button. I am blessed to find this site. I am not ashamed to go to college anymore. you are giving my life back to me. I hope this order makes everything better

- , KY (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
I've ordered from LMB before and they are always on point.

- , OH (Size: 3XL)
Five Star Rating
Your site was very user friendly and your prices were wonderful. Thanks for producing a quality product at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work!!

- , MO (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I love the padded panties. I will order them again. I am a 1/2 size and ordered a small, have to sew the crotch up quite a bit but love how they look on me.

- , AL (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
I love this product so much I purchased one for a friend.

- , IL (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
The Caboost midrise I loved however the Caboost bikini did not fit right at all so I will be returning that.

- , GA (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
This is a great site with everything you could possibly need to make you look great in your clothes. I'm very pleased with my purchase and customer service is outstanding!

- , MD (Size: 2XL)
Five Star Rating
I ordered a 2x and it was still too small however on the size chart it said wit was my size.. It sat too high up on my butt And it looked coned shaped. Maybe because it was the wrong size.. I would prob. Liked it more if I got the right size! But other than that it was great delivery and great price!

- , MN (Size: 2XL)
Five Star Rating

-, KS (Size: 3XL)
Four Star Rating
I was very excited to receive this and once I did I put it on immediately. Even though my measurements matched the size chart the underwear was still a little too big but it's not super bad . I was debating on exchanging it but didn't want to deal with all the shipping and having to wait so I'm just keeping it but I will still have to adjust it frequently so it looks ok . Otherwise I love it !

-, MI (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Recently lost weight due to health problems. My pants fit much better now!

-, CA (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Absolutely LOVE the Caboost! I think I've turned a couple of heads wearing it?

-, CA (Size: 2XL)
Five Star Rating
Love love love these panties! I'm 4'11" and weigh 100 lbs. I'm also 57 years old and my butt sags. I have the bathsuit bottoms as well.

-, OH (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Very helpful and informative. Love the videos and customer feedback! I've returned my items for something similar but less confining. The products are really nice and I'm excited to receive my exchanges.

-, FL (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
My clothing look really nice with my bubbles butt

-, NC (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I feel more confident and this is the best product. Pidan una talla mas chica, ya que viene un poco mas grande las tallas.

-, CA (Size: Medium)
Four Star Rating
I received my order yesterday and the quality is spot on. The only problem I have with my order (#466786) is that the padding is a little to thick for my size. I'm 5'6" and weigh 90 lbs. making the patties a little too obvious. If you can suggest a garment less padded I would appreciate it. Many thanks, Judith

-, Canada (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
I love the item that I purchased! It gave me the exact look that I was going for. It also fit very well & true to size. Great price & Fast Shipping!!

-, GA (Size: 3XL)
Five Star Rating
I loved it, The experience was great and simple. The sizes were perfect, my item was not to big or to small and the size charts were accurate. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the product!

-, TX (Size: 3XL)
Five Star Rating
I previously purchased the Caboost Mid Rise in large and love the look under clothing. I am 5'5" 145lbs and size large was a bit too large. It does not feel as snug as I would have liked, but I still wear it and am very satisfied. Since then, I purchased the Caboost Hi Rise in medium. It is very snug in the upper hi-rise band and it does give me a bit of a muffin top, but it's nothing my body shaper shirt can't conceal. To my surprise, I received my orders within 24 hours and I did not pay for expedited shipping. You guys are great and the quality of my new "Love Bubbles" are second to none! I definitely recommend your products to anyone and everyone. And to anyone out there reading this review who can't make up their mind to purchase or not...just do it! You will be so glad you did! Thank you so much! I sure do Love My Bubbles!!!

-, PA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Satisfied with order I purchased for several years!

-, MS (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Well let me start off by saying I never ever give comments to any of the companies I buy from because I just look at it as a waste of time but I really feel like you guys need to hear me out. I own two products from bubbles, The Caboost underwear and the Pick me up boxers and I'm obsessedddd. I just purchased the premium silicone pads in a 5XL and can't wait to wear them. I have bought a few pairs of padded panties and booty lifters off of a cheap Chinese website but I really did get what I paid for and it was terrible lol. I somehow found you guys and it was the best discovery of my life :) Also I used your texting option so I can ask some questions and I got immediate responses and she was very nice and understanding, her name is Connie so shout out to her! No kidding I got The notification that my item has shipped already and it's only been 3-5 minutes and that's crazy insane! Really thank you so much for everything, you always have the best sales, deals, coupons and free gifts and fast shipping! No doubt will I be back for the 4th time soon :)

-, CA (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
Just got first pair of Caboost. Love the full one inch padding!! Absolutely LOVE the amount of padding! I have never had a butt (: and recently lost 25 pounds. Now I REALLY have no butt. Thanks much for having the product I needed.

, MI
Five Star Rating
I ordered this product months ago, I loved them so much that I'm ordering again!!! nobody knows that I have them on, feels so real and looks like it too...big

-, TX
Five Star Rating
OMG these padded panties made my tush look amazing! My boyfriend couldn't keep his eyes or hands off of me!! Love them!!!

-, IN
Five Star Rating
So, finally tried on my new panties. Here's what came next, "Oh my God! oh my God! oh my God! I have an as*! I have an as*!!!" Tried on my favorite skinny jeans that I'd quit wearing because they looked just awful with no butt. Looked in the mirror from the side and the back (again and again) and, "oh my God! I have an AS*!!" Not just any old as* but a seriously hot ass! I didn't expect much really, but honestly I couldn't be happier with my new plump posterior. How I wish I would've gotten these long ago. I am more than happy. (Can you tell?) If you're not sure whether you should get some, trust me, you should. I am waaay more than pleased. Thank you!!

-, WA
Five Star Rating
My Bubbles just arrived and I am so in love with them. The size chart was perfect- as I am 135 lbs at 5'9 with an athletic build, size M fits me perfectly. If you are in-between a size, go up as the panties are very tight and you want the undergarment to cover your entire behind. Excellent product, very natural looking, and I would definitely recommend this!

-, Canada
Five Star Rating
I ordered these padded panties along with the bootiful padded panties. The Bootiful I hated and plan on returning but the Caboost I fell in love with, I am a black female with no as* at all and these panties make it look like I have a *dunk* I have already recommended to one friend and I plan on doing a youtube video in the future.

-, VA
Five Star Rating
Received my Caboost today. Really love it! Thanks Bubbles!

Five Star Rating
I ordered midrise caboost. I received it after two days. I loved this midrise caboost. I used the removable padded panties but this caboost is the best. Thank you for trying to improve your products that suits woman's needs. I just wish you will do a midrise caboost that will add hips too.'s me!

-, CA
Five Star Rating
I love this product!!! It shipped really quickly, the sizing chart was perfect. It makes my butt look great in jeans, shorts, almost everything! heads are turning! Ordering another is on my to do list. Highly recommended for those who need a little help in that area!

-, VA
One Star Rating
I was very excited to receive this product and was wanting to surprise my husband. I was glad that it shipped a day early and couldn't wait to try it on! I took it out of the packaging and it seemed a lil stiff for my liking. I tried it on and it was a size too small and I followed the size chart correctly. Wearing it felt uncomfortable and honestly a lil silly! It made me realize i looked just fine with the "Booty" i was given. Haha...lesson learned! I'm still keeping mine since i may need a butt boost in certain clothing but i wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

-, NM
Five Star Rating
Changed my life!

-, MI
Five Star Rating
I love this padded underwear ! i have a bootilicious behind now!!i can wear anything and feel good! Highly recommend this one if you want that BIG BOOTY!

-, USA
Five Star Rating
I LOVE YOU GUYS! I am a black women. I weight 235 pounds. I am 6 ft tall. I workout everyday. I have no butt. Now I do! Thanks, will order more and more, more!

-, VA
I bought the midrise caboost padded panty..First of all I received my order very quickly and I love it..I am an african american woman & I am not very well endowed and I just wanted to look as nice in my pants as I do in skirts and dresses..It gave me a subtle roundness that didn't make it obvious to people around me that anything had changed..They thought I bought a different style pants that helped enhance my back side..I plan on buying more..I feel totally confident now..Thank you

-, USA
Wow only took 1 week for my caboost to arrive just ordered more. Cant believe the difference they make just cant stop smiling & the compliments guys luv them as a skinny gurl I have curves at last & suddendly all my jeans are the perfect pair. Thanks for all ur assistance with my questions regards,


Five Star Rating
Excellent product, super fast shipping. In my opinion nothing could be improved. A very pleasant experience.

- , MN (Size: Medium)
OMG!!! I ordered my bodywear Saturday at about 1:00 AM and I got it today which is Monday wow!!! I love the product and plan to order some colors tonight and one for my daughter who has been sick since age 9 and has some image issues. I'm sure this will improve her issues as a now 15 year old without all of the curves as her peers. Thanks soooooooooooooo much keep doing what you are doing I am very pleased . For the buyer it looks real in everything I put on!!!!!!

-, AR
Thank you ! Received it [Caboost!] today and I LOVE IT!!!!! I look like a new person , cant wait to wear to my brothers wedding !!!! Thank you again, I will make sure to tell all my friends and family about your site .

-, NJ

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