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BubbleBuns Boyshort Padded Panty

Padded Underwear with Removable Pads

$ 35.00   SALE ON PINKS!
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Meet our exclusive bestselling padded panty for 10 years running! Why? Because our BubbleBuns lowrise underwear can be worn under just about anything...from hip-hugger jeans and shorts to skirts and dresses! Our unique removable foam butt pads have a new, revolutionary shape that turns a flat backside into a realistic baby-got-back booty!
  • Purchase includes 1 set Foam Butt Pads & 1 pair pocket-panties.
  • Optional: Silicone Booty Pads for a realistic feel. And/or Thick foam pads (perfect for bulkier clothing or on nights when you really want to stand out) can be added to your order below.
  • Pads are proportional to panty size...because one size does NOT fit all! (see pad size chart)
Simply a savior for us flat-bottom girls who have always wanted a bigger booty, women who lost their perky booty after having a baby, or after significant weight loss. Also lifts and rounds-out a gravity-stricken or droopy rear-end! See Before and After pictures!
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Panty Size Chart
Dress Size Hips (in) UK EU
X-Small 00 - 0 30 - 33.5 2 - 4 34
Small 0 - 2 34 - 35.5 4 - 6 36
Medium 4 - 6 36 - 37.5 6 - 8 38
Large 8 - 10 38 - 39.5 10 - 12 40
X-Large 12 - 14 40 - 41.5 14 - 16 42
XXL 16 - 18 42 - 43.5 18 - 20 44

Pad Size Chart
Approx. Boost
Regular XS/S 1/4" thick
Regular M/L 1/2" thick
Regular XL/XXL 3/4" thick
Thick XS/S 1" thick
Thick M/L 2" thick
Thick XL/XXL 3" thick
  • Product Code: 9010
  • Available Colors: Pink, Nude, Black
  • Available Sizes: XS - XXL
  • 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex
  • Designed & Made by Bubbles®
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Nude BubbleBuns Panty/Pad Set (1 Panty + 1 Pad Set with optional add-on pads)
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Nude Padded Panties Size:

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Add Lightweight Silicone Pads (optional):explain

Black BubbleBuns Panty/Pad Set (1 Panty + 1 Pad Set with optional add-on pads)

Black swatch
Black Padded Panties Size:

Add "Thick" Foam Pad Set (optional):explain

Add Lightweight Silicone Pads (optional):explain

Pastel Pink BubbleBuns Panty/Pad Set (1 Panty + 1 Pad Set with optional add-on pads)

Padded Panty
Pink Padded Panties (Color Sale! $26.25):

Add "Thick" Foam Pad Set (optional):explain

Add Lightweight Silicone Pads (optional):explain

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Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Five Star Rating
great product, fast delivery

- , OK (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating

- , PA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I absolutely love love love!! I ordered the boyshorts with the regular padding & added the thick padding in medium & it made a huge difference! I'm 5'2, 110 pounds, slim & I love the way they look!

- , NM (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Love My bubbles is amazing. I have been shopping their products for 2 years now. I have tried other padded underwear from Macy's and Nordstrom. Love my bubbles is much better!

- , SD (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Good website ... great product!

- , CO (Size: X-Small)
Five Star Rating rear end just got boosted nicely. I'm 5'3 and 115 pounds and Small was perfect. The padding that came with the panties didn't offer enough oomph, and I'm glad I ordered another set of 1 inch pads because I used 2 for each cheek and it was perfect lol. If you want more definition, purchase additional pads. They hold up very well. 24 hours and going strong after a long day flying. Great product and may purchase more.

-, CT (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
I appreciated that the order came so quick, I was impressed with the size chart being so accurate. Will be ordering different styles as the boy short kind dosent work for every outfit. Going to try the high waist and bikini, trying the extra fluff next time.

-, GA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I love the bubble buns padded boy short it's the best thing that ever happened to me. After having my baby I lost a lot of weight and my back side just faded I hated the way I looked in jeans and leggings until I came across this website. I love how fast their delivery is and the quality of these panties is amazing thank you for giving me my self esteem back

-, KY
Five Star Rating
I've tried other brands, but these padded panties are the best! I'm petite and slender, with a flat butt. The first time I wore them, my boyfriend complimented how nicely my skinny jeans were fitting. (Ha!) I keep re-ordering.

-, IL
Five Star Rating
I have been suffering for years with an old tailbone injury. My lack of natural padding on my behind certainly doesn't help! Now, not only does my butt look terrific but I made a 4 hour flight without being in agony. Forever grateful!!

-, OH
Five Star Rating
I love the Bubblebuns Boyshorts! The fit is great, the fabric is high quality and the difference it's made in the way I look in pants is amazing! The best part about this company though, is the customer service. Jenny answered all my questions, gave suggestions and went out of her way to make me feel sure before I placed a buy. This is rare to find in customer service nowadays. Thank you Jenny & Love My Bubbles! (Please don't use my name)

-, IA
Five Star Rating
I first want to start off by saying I never in a million years thought I would buy padded panties...But let me just say that I am so glad I did. Honestly after losing so much weight you'd never think that everything would kind of disappear, including my rear end. Bubbles body wear has given me the confidence I needed to be able to feel comfortable in my clothes again. I purchased the boyshorts which I was sort of iffy about but they are amazing! Thank you so much Bubbles for bringing me the extra bit of confidence that I didn't think I would ever get back from my rear end area!

-, AZ
Five Star Rating
The best thing that ever happened to me!! Lol i got the clear silicone pads with the padded bikini panty and boyshort and i love them both!! It looks so natural and they were not lying when they said UNDETECTABLE! I do recommend that the site shows pictures of how the products look with dresses, jeans and leggings. That would have made it easier to decide what to get. I also wish i could pot my before and after pic because u all would be amazed. I the product for my 18th birthday and now im looking forward to putting on my bodycon prom dress! Thanks to love my bubbles...i am way more confident in a tight dress.

-, NY
Five Star Rating
Omg!!! The bubble buns boy short are the best. You can't tell my butt was fake at all. I love the way they look and the me feel so good about myself. I will be buying another pair.

-, DE
Five Star Rating
I was so sick of being made fun of for my flat giraffe butt but now I fill out all my jeans and I am so happy :) I'm definitely ordering more

-, WA
I loveeee this product I never knew I could have a butt this big! Omg and I feel like Kim kardashian. Too me they kind of feel uncomfortable when I walk and I Feel them and I think people notice when I walk that they are fake I feel that they are really obviously fake(maybe because I'm not used to wearing them) they don't look fake but for some reason I fell people can tell but they really can't but I've been told by many people that they don't look fake and obvious like other butt pads my aunt thought it was my own butt and my mom was shocked she thought it looked so natural and real she was taking pics of my butt lol! Overall they don't feel too natural when I walk or when I'm out but to the touch they feel real just like a hard butt .they look super natural like a naturally huge butt! I would suggest you buy these! They are amazing! I got the wide 3 in pads btw

-, CA
Five Star Rating
I am a 5 3 and 105 pounds with no butt whatsoever lady. I am tired of searching and searching for the best jeans for flat butt. I could hardly wear those comfy lounge pants without wearing extremely long tops so that I can cover those flat rear. But then I found this website by accident and it was a godsend! This is AMAZING!!! I gotta tell you, I was REALLY REALLY skeptical about all those padded underware out there. As soon as UPS guy dropped it off, I tried them on right away and OMG! I could look like this??? I just can't stop looking at my butt on the mirror! Those sexy pair of Juicy supposed to look like this!I am trying all of my jeans and being amazed and amazed!!! They don't look fake at all. They give you just right amount of volume. I purchased thick pads and those give more like "Voila!"look. I will see if my husband will notice it or not this evening. LOL These are true to size. I wear XS of VS and XS of those fit me very well. The material is super nice and well made.

-, WI
I love the bubble buns boyshorts,love the quality and my butt looks rounder. I'm very petit but I'm not totally flat from behind so my bubble buns boyshort gave me a flattering lift..even with the thin rightly fits me!!

-, Germany
Five Star Rating
This is my first time buying something like this so I was super nervous about how it would look and feel. I don't normally right reviews unless I'm super pleased with everything; and let me tell you, I am!!! First off, customer service is awesome! Shipping was super fast; ordered on Saturday and got it by Monday. The underwear feel so comfortable, looks real, and if you touch it, feels real! I also purchased the clear silicone butt pads; which I am sooo glad I did! I will honestly wear my butt everyday from now on. I was looking for some lift and more curves, and that is what I exactly got! I will tell everyone about this! Thank you soo much Bubbles. I will definitely buy again!!

-, TX
Five Star Rating
I received my first Bubbles order of "BubbleBuns Boyshort's & Caboost Midrise Panties"(VERY SURPRISINGLY FAST...SUPER FAST) and "I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY BUBBLES BOYSHORT'S! I mean my pants, my clothes in general actually fit me right NOW for the first time in my life!! I was busy most the afternoon going threw old Rubbermaid's full of clothes that I just didn't like the way they fit or looked on me...which was just about "EVERYTHING I OWNED!" I buy pants and wear them a couple times and then pass a mirror & really truly see how terrible my flat booty actually looks and worse it starts to look like "old flat pancake saggy booty!" And now WOW all my pants look terrific, I am wearing jeans I literally bought and drove home, then parked forever in a Rubbermaid after putting them back on. My 14 yr. old teenage daughter was the first to notice when she came home from school, she asked "hey mom did you go shopping today and get new jeans?" I couldn't believe she asked that!! Well I soon confessed my little secret...s

-, NM
Five Star Rating
I just had to say, I absolutely love my purchase. I live in Canada and the product was shipped discreetly to my mailbox and arrived in less than 2 weeks (8 business days to be exact)! Customer service was wonderful. I highly recommend the underwear. I love the way my jeans fit now! Thanks again Bubbles!

-, Canada
Five Star Rating
Hi, Just a note to tell you I received my order this morning. I was amazed at how fast it got here. And to tell you thank you, I love them! I'm 72 years old and this is the first time I've had a butt. I've lost weight (on purpose)and told myself that if I stuck with my diet that I would try to do something about the flat ugly behind that I have always had. My new underwear are perfect. I've found if I wear the latex pads I have a small butt, the silicon ones make it a bit larger and both together give me a normal looking behind. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you for the great service! I will recommend you to anyone who will listen to me!

-, WA
Five Star Rating
To everyone involved in this process I love all of you! I have always had a smaller behind, have been poked fun of by my family for many a years. I bought a formal dress and it looked ok, but I knew it would look better if I could fix that area. So I found your website on a random search. The website is very classy and easy to use. The service was great I recieved my order quickly. I ordered the bubblebuns boy shorts, the material is wonderful, this is a very natural, noticable look. The only suggestion that I could give is to tell people to buy the 1" pads that come as an option, I didn't and wish that I had. I am returning today to try the bubble buns panty and intend to purchase the 1' pad with it today.. I hope to eventually build up several pairs of these.. one for every day of the week.. I don't know how I lived with out these boyshorts. Once again thank you for the wonderful product.. that gives me the confidence to wear anything... I look like Jessica Rabbit! :-}~

-, FL
Five Star Rating
I've worn the Bubble Buns boyshorts with jeans for a couple of years now with satisfaction. (With a butt I look like I have a waist.) I wasn't happy with a new product tried so I emailed suggestions to customer service explaining my preferences. A customer service representative called to discuss options to try to meet my needs. Great customer service to me means a great quality company. Keep up the good work!

-, TX
Five Star Rating
I ordered them on Wednesday at 3 pm. and received them on thursday at noon!Now thats fast service! Not to mention that the panties are well made and make me look fabulous!!!

-, FL
I am enjoying my first pair of Bubbles. Had them on the first night and wanted to see if my husband would notice. He said over and over , "Those pants really fit you gooood !". Well, ..... I don't think I have EVER heard that about a pair of pants where I am concerned. Maybe a skirt or dress but never pants ! So, ..... WOW !!!! this time I have found something that REALLY works ! I am so grateful !

-, PA
Five Star Rating
thanks to Bubbles I feel good about myself! As I've gotten older and lost weight, my buttock isn't firm like before. I seen your ad online and decided to try your product. Now when I put on my jeans I feel like a DIVA!!! I love my bubble boy short with the hidden pockets on the inside. I love how I feel!!!

-, GA
Five Star Rating
love my bubbles i wear it all the time..and the shipping was very fast...thank you very much

-, MS
Three Star Rating
I like my removeable panty, but i wish i had order the built in padded instead.

-, CA
I absolutely love my boyshorts. At first I was a litte skeptical because the padding seeem thin. I put on my buns as soon as the package came. I walked around the house to see if anyone would notice. Sometimes I forgot. My boyfriend who likes to tap me on my behind everytime he walks past me. Didn't notice until like the fifth time. And I think it's only because I told him I ordered one. Now I won't feel jealous when Im with my sisters. I will be ordering more. Can't wait to try the silicone.

-, CA
I must tell you, I am at the gym right now wearing my new boy panties with the padding, and I feel like a new person! Its funny how much more confidence I have. Thanks so much. Sent via BlackBerry

-, AZ
I ordered Bubble buns 2 pack on Friday and received them on Monday & will NEVER go without them. WOW, I finally fill out my pants!!!! Thanks I LOVE them.

-, SC
I didn't want to be disappointed so when the package arrived today...I didn't get excited. BUT I'M A VERY VERY HAPPY WOMAN NOW!!!! I was amazed at how lightweight the Boyshort is...wear it with a thong and you are good to go ladies! Thanks so much for really getting to the bottom of this! LOL!

-, CA
I REALLY love my bubbles. Ever since I had my kids I had to endure jokes from my mom and sister about how I had lost my once booty-licious behind. Once my bubbles lowrise boy shorts arrived with extra thick pads I began to wear them and everyone has noticed for all the right reasons. They never look fake or weird, only sexy. My husband hasn't even figured it out yet. I will have to get some silicone pads becasue he is always trying to feel on this bubbles booty!! I've only told my sister and she wants a pair for her birthday so look for another order from me soon.

-, USA
I found you guys on the internet by accident and after reading all the feedback i decided to order .Not knowing what to expect i ordered them on wednesday morning and got them thursday morning it was extra but i could not wait!I just wanted a little extra and these panties do the job!thank you i got the push up panties and the padded boyshorts after trying them on with my jeans i am so excited!!!sometimes i do lose wait and my bootie is the first to go.I am thankful for all the feedback that really helped me, i hope mines helps as well:)

-, NY
Hello-I recently ordered your padded boy shorts, and I LOVE THEM. I have recently been through some very stressful situations including my mother passing away. With all the stress, I lost a dangerous amount of weight. I was even debating whether to speak at my mom's funeral for fear that people would notice how thin I had gotten. I know this sounds silly, but the padded boy shorts gave me confidence to go and speak.

-, USA
Love my BUBBLES!! I have NO booty at all and am always wearing a long shirt to cover up the fact that I have to butt. With my bubbles, I can proudly wear a pair of shorts, jeans, whatever, and not freak out if my shirt isn't long enough or comes up over my booty! I actually had someone tell me that my booty looked "cute" in my jeans last night!! I almost fell over. I haven't heard that EVER!!! Thanks BUBBLES!!!!

-, U.S.
Well hellooo fabulous boot-ay! Thanks to the padded boyshorts I finally have a curvy pattoottee! I was impressed with your website (found you by chance), was pleased with the shipment time and packaging and even more impressed with my new purchase! I'm so glad I took the chance on making an order and am thrilled with my new padded boyshorts - they were well worth it. I can finally look good in a pencil skirt and my fitted jeans cause there is something to fill it out. Thank you Love My Bubbles! I will definitely recommend you to my flat-bottomed friends!

-, U.S.
Thank you for this product. I have already sent you a customer who ordered today when she saw me! I also just reordered another pair. I LOVE them and will continue to buy them....I have had nothing but compliments. Fantastic product. Thank you

-, TN
I have to say, when i purchased the BubbleBuns Padded Boyshorts BLACK i was a little worried that i was wasting my money on a gimmick but I just want to say thank you so much, im am so glad i found you on the internet, you have opened up a whole new wardrobe for me that actually fits and looks nice and makes me look like i have got a womans butt not a mans!!!!!! I will def be buying some more.

-, U.K.
I wanted to say Thanks.I just received my set with the boyshorts. I have to admit, when I saw the pads, I didn't think they looked like they would make much of a difference...I was wrong! I can't wait to try these out in public. I havn't even tried the thicker pads yet!! I a saw a bit on The View about some other brand.I found you guys by accident searching the web.I am glad I found YOU. I am 48 years old and obviously do not have the butt I had at 20. My 30 year high school reunion is coming up. I can't wait to go now!! I will be in touch and you will have my business again. Thanks,

-, New Jersey
LoveMyBubbles, I JUST LOVE MY NEW BUBBLES! I became frustrated with my figure and everything from wearing jeans to shorts was something I absolutely dreaded. I came across your website through accident, but I am absolutely happy I did. I was skeptical about ordering something online, but I decided to just give it a shot. I became worried and emailed the company to make sure they received my payment. I was a paid a courteous and friendly reply; great customer service is always a must. My package was home a few days later. I immediately took a shower and tried it on. I LOOK AMAZING! I no longer have to be conscious when getting up to stand or just to walk around. I HAVE A BUTT AND I LOVE IT! The guys are noticing and the girls have been complimenting. I thought I would never hear those flattering remarks. Ironic because there is nothing flat about that. ;) I have never been happier! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING LOEVEMYBUBBLES! I will definitely be coming back for another purchase!

-, TX
I am at a loss for words to express how I feel after wearing the padded boyshorts. I had lost a lot of weight (about 10 to 12 kgs in the last 10 months) and along with it had lost the little that I had behind. Surfing for options on the internet, I accidentally hit your website. I was pretty impressed with the reviews it had on the padded boyshorts. Being in India was a challenge to place the order and get the delivery. Thanks to my SIL in Florida, who received it and mailed it to me in Bangalore, India. I have been receiving compliments over compliments on my figure. I smile to myself and keep thinking that this is probably the best investment I have made in years to boost my body image. Thanks bubbles!! and thank you guys who thought about this!!

I absolutely LOVE my Bubbles Boy Shorts! I tried on all my clothes with the shorts on and OH MY GOODNESS what a difference...OH YEAH! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

-, FL
I just got my first pair of bubbles shorts today. I LOVE THEM! I have a FLAT bottom and wearing anything from underwear to jeans is a nightmare. They are all cut for SOMETHING to fit into the material.. I have NOTHING. As soon as the package arrived I put them on and put on my shorts and WOW... I looked pretty darn good! They feel natural and stay in place. If you have a flat butt and want a bit more... ORDER NOW.. it is worth it for your self-esteem!

-, Alaska
Hey lovemybubbles! I just got my padded boyshorts in the mail and they are amazing! I have a butt but I wanted just a little extra and wow! Beyonce watch out lol. Thank you so much for an incredible shopping experience with you all! I am so happy and can't wait to show off my new bubble butt =)

-, Georgia
Cant believe how great your product is!!!!!! I bought your padded shorts although i do have a bum iv always wanted that pushed up bum. I live in the UK and couldnt believe they were with me on the 5th DAY, it even said URGENT on the packaging to insure i got them asap. Anyway as soon as the post man went i tried them on, oh my god, i couldnt belive it, they looked and felt amazing and so natural.I had the most irresistible, round, high and pushed up bum, it looked so good. I tried them on with all my hotpants, jeans and trousers and am so happy because to achieve this would of meant endless hours at the gym. Thank you so much. Il be back to buy more. ps forgot to mention, i wore them under some jeans iv worn so many times at work, but yesterday everyone was saying, "thats a nice pair of jeans" i said " their old iv worn them so many times" but what they didnt know was that, it wasnt my jeans but what was inside them.ha ha !!!!!!

-, UK
I just received my bubbles in the mail. At first I was like this is not going to look right. I tried them on and my booty looks great. Even in nightgown it looks good. I put on a pair of jeans and BAM! I know some people are going to be hesitant about the purcahse, I was too. I looked at the little infomercial and I was blown away. That lady had no booty at all so I know it would make mines look on point. I will definitely add the company to my favorites.

I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE EM!!! I was a bit skeptical at first but anyone thinking of this purchase, DO IT. I was never a completely flat but wished for a lil more to fill out my bottoms, I feel so great and the boys are def responding, donít know if my new confidence or my new bubbles, in any event I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a lil more. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. And I really do love my bubbles!!!!!!

-, Virginia
I placed my order for bubbles [padded boyshorts] and I couldn't not believe how GOOD I looked .. I am placing another order in a couple days I want to get 2 in every color.. I am so pleased with how I look in them and how I get looked at .. Cant wait to go to work 2morrow and show off my new bubble .. And to think me and my friends were actually considering those "hyrdogel" butt shots and implants .... Bubbles are safer and cost effective .. I love them .. I love them .. I love them. Your new best friend

-, Maryland
I am trying to lose weight and I have NO BUTT. I am in a wedding and required to wear a pencil skirt, so I searched high and low for padded panties to round my 'J' shaped rear. I went to a famous lingerie boutique in Hollywood and left empty handed. I searched the stores for weeks and then the internet and found your site. I was skeptical until I read the testimonials, I could relate to some of them. I decided to purchase the padded boy shorts (and the extra thick pads)... I LOVE THEM!!!!! Oh my goodness, BABY GOT BACK!! I didn't try them on immediately, but when I did, I tried on some fitting clothing and was ready to take on the cat walk, with confidence! I LOVE MY BUBBLES, thanks for a great product and you have a return customer. No injections or surgery for me.

-, GA
omg thank you i saw some friends that i havent seen in a while they told me i had a perfect butt i couldnt help it but to smile thank you again

-, VA
I Love, Love, Love the Booty shorts!! I just received my order today @ work and couldn't resist putting them on!! Within a matter of seconds I went from a Flat rear to a Phat rear (P-retty H-ot A-nd T-empting)!! Thank you from your oh so Bootyiful Customer!!

-, FL
Love them..I have a butt. My husband is very happy because I was thinking about surgery and this is definitely much cheaper. I will continue to purchase more. Thanks lovemybubbles.

Received my "undies" [Bubble Buns] today, 'em !! I teach dance (country & western) in jeans and because I've lost so much weight (50 lbs.), I also lost my butt. I looked terrible from behind,..but now, looks great !! I've got back !! LOL !! Just wanted you to know how pleased I am, will order more !

-, Virginia
I inherited the family flat rear, and recently lost weight - and the rear got even flatter! So when I tried the Bubbles Butt Boosters, I was THRILLED to have a hot rear for the first time in my life! I saw a friend that I had not seen in several years, and he said, "What happened to YOU?" I said coyly, "I've been running a lot - I guess that did it!" I'm hooked!

-, Alabama
This item truly does what it says it does. The butt pads are firm and very unnoticeable. Unlike the ones you buy at the store with the foam and makes you look super bulky or even bigger than you are these are nothing like that. These only enhance one area (YOUR BUTT). They look really good under jeans. Thank you for making such a great product.

-, Virginia
I love my new padded panty! I tried the Boom panty with the molded pads and they felt weird and the underwear was uncomfortable so I tried your pads and they are so great. will buy more.

-, USA
As an African American woman, everyone assumes that I'll have a great butt right?? WRONG!! I was about to leave for a thanksgiving visit with family, my bodacious, bootylicious, beautiful family, and I just couldn't face being laughed at again for my "flat butt". I really couldn't afford to waste any money on butt enhancing products, having tried similar items before, (which ended up DISASTROUSLY) but in desparation I figured I'd give bubbles a shot. I decided to order a pair of the bubbles boyshorts and the thigh shapers (derriere bands).

When the package arrived, I immediatly put them on and was rather amazed at how natural it looked, but still skeptical, so when I arrived at my family's house I was quick to admit that I had padded undies on...just in case they looked funny. But nobody even believed I had any on! They just kept saying I was so funny, har har har... until I put my PJ's on (without the bubbles) and everyone was like... OMG!! WHAT HAPPENED!! YOU REALLY DID HAVE ON PADDED UNDIES!...Wearing my bubbles does not make me look like J-lo or Beyonce... it just makes me look normal & proportionate...

My Bubbles look so natural that nobody even knows I have them on! Nobody even believes me if I tell them! I just have a little booty, proportonate to the rest of my frame. Thank you Bubbles! You've saved me about $10,000 and the risk of [butt augmentation] surgery! I'll be picking up plenty more so I'll never have to be seen without my bubbles again! thank you thank you thank you!

-, CA
I found your site, and I'm so happy with my order. I got a Bubble Buns Padded Panties Set. I had a terrible and disfiguring staff infection a few years ago, which destroyed a lot of my gluteus muscle back there, and greatly diminished the shape and size of my butt! None of my jeans looked right, and I've been extremely self conscious about it. Due to internal scar tissue on my muscles, I haven't been able to build enough muscle back through exercise to regain any shape. My husband actually brought up getting some padded panties, I felt so silly looking for them, and then I found your website!

Your product is comfortable, looks so natural, and is easy to wear!

I really and truly can't thank you all enough for giving me back some self esteem and confidence! I can't wait to go shopping for some new jeans! I sincerely hope you continue to provide such a great product to those of us who would like a little more bubble to our butts! I know it sounds corny, but it means so much to me to have a butt that looks not just normal- but good!- in jeans again. Thanks soooo much!

-, WA
It has been a long time family (and friend)joke that I have "no butt". Coming from a family of "getto booties" you could understand why I have always been teased. I once heard that more people see you from the back than the front! Well, this statement used to haunt me until I ordered and wore your products!! I put them on and the first day my husband commented on how the pair of pants I was wearing "made it look like I actually had a bigger butt!" Boy was he suprised when I told him my secret. I feel so good that I hope more people see me going than coming thanks to your products!!! They are so discrete and comfortable to wear with anything. Thanks Love my bubbles for the boost!!! (no pun intended)

-, NY
I love my Bubbles Padded Panty Boyshort! They are the greatest thing that has happened to my rear-end in a very long time!

-, USA
I have received my shipment and I am super duper pleased! I will definitely order more!

-, Tennessee
OMG. I love the briefs with the pads...awesome! I will definitely recommend you! Thanks again

-, New York
Attention All SHORT TORSO/LONG LEG WOMEN: PADDED PANTY/BOYSHORTS A MUST HAVE!!!!! Creates what I call the 'Lovely Latina' look: tappered waist with a realistic rise & curve on the bum/hips. Helps a lot to slim a tubby tummy too when the bum fills the jeans/pants. Easy hand wash & fast dry! I've been able to wear larger pant sizes but LOOK like I'm wearing a smaller size due to my curvy shape-A Customer For Life!

-, New York