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Panties Padded with Butt Pads

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Silicone Panty FeedbackBaby Got Feedback
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4.9 50

Can-Can Padded Panty

Midrise Extreme-Comfort Panty/Pad Set

$ 45.00
Padded Panty Product Video Before and After Padded Panty Video FAQ Video - Silicone vs. Foam
Can you have a better booty? Can you defy gravity? Can you leave a room with confidence? Yes you CAN-CAN! We recently upgraded our Can-Can with lighter-weight, sumptuously soft fabric and a delicate leg elastic to create the most skin-hugging, comfortable padded panty ever made! The high-quality construction and incredible fabric will make you look and feel like you spent $10K on a surgical butt lift!
  • Super-soft, fine-spun fabric
  • Lightweight elastics for superior comfort
  • Mid-waist design to prevent muffin-tops
  • Removable booty pads fit securely in each pad pocket
Can-Can Panty/Pad Sets

Beige swatch Choose your Panty/Pad Set Size:explain

Add "Thick" Foam Pad Set (optional):explain

Add "Lite" Silicone Pads (optional):explain

line between
Black swatch Choose your Panty/Pad Set Size:explain

Add "Thick" Foam Pad Set (optional):explain

Add "Lite" Silicone Pads (optional):explain

love line
Panty Size Chart
X-Small 00 - 0 30 - 33.5 2 - 4 34
Small 0 - 2 34 - 35.5 4 - 6 36
Medium 4 - 6 36 - 37.5 6 - 8 38
Large 8 - 10 38 - 39.5 10 - 12 40
X-Large 12 - 14 40 - 41.5 14 - 16 42

Size Info for the Foam Booty Pads*
STANDARD/THIN (Included with Panty/Pad Set)
XS .25
Small .375
Medium .5
Large .675
X-Large .75
2XL 1
XS .75
Small 1
Medium 1.25
Large 1.5
X-Large 2.25
2XL 2.75

Optional Silicone Booty Pads*
X-Small .5 5.5
Small .66 6
Medium .75 6
Large 1 6
X-Large 1.25 6
2XL 1.5 6
3XL 1 .75 7
4XL 2 7.5
All measurements are listed in inches.

    Sizing Tips & More...

  • *Due to variances created during the manufacturing process of foam and silicone padding, all references to thickness, boost, width or height are approximate.
  • Please choose your Panty/Pad Set size based on the Panty/Pad Size Chart above.
  • Optional Pads: We recommend choosing a pad size that matches the panty size purchased. But please feel free to customize with larger or smaller pad sizes based on your personal preference. Click on the explain icon next to each "Add to Cart" option above for more detailed info about those pads.
  • Product Code: 9000
  • Available Colors: Nude, Black
  • Available Sizes: XS - XL
  • Panty: 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex, Cotton gusset
  • Designed & Made by Love My Bubbles®
  • Machine wash pocket-panty with like colors, gentle cycle, cool water, mild detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry.
  • Remove pads before washing. If foam pads need washing, put them in a separate wash bag then lay flat to dry. Never put silicone pads in a washing machine or dryer, and keep them away from sources of high heat, adhesives and sharp objects.
  • Tip: To extend the life and preserve the shape of garment, launder in a protective lingerie wash bag.

Bum Boosting Meter
Customizable - Add Thick Foam for a bigger boost

Slimming Meter
Slimming Shapewear
Individual styles featured on this page...

padding Pocket Panty
The Can-Can (w/o pads)
✔ Midrise Comfort Pocket Panty
padding Wide Booty Pads
Premium Foam Booty Pads
↻ Replacement Padding
padding Lite Foaming Butt Pads
Lite Silicone
↻ Replacement Padding
Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Five Star Rating
I love your product and how it gives me confidence at 57 lost 25 pounds in my ass is flat I get the small so it's not too noticeable but it's just right and comfortable for me I don't know what I would do without your Silicone pads I love them and I love that you made a different cut and they're higher up because before I felt like they look like I had granny panties

-, NY (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Love everything i have got. Excellent return process when my first order wasnt the right fit. Only thing i wish for is the Retro Satin pocket panty to be offered in a beige color. It is my favorite fit but i need a lighter color other than black

-, NC (Size: XL)
Five Star Rating

-, NJ (Size: Medium )
Five Star Rating
No issues, everything has been handled efficiently and with discretions. I love their underwear !

-, FL (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Love the product!

-, GA (Size: XL)
Five Star Rating
Love these panties!

-, NY (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Love your products. Thanks for making shopping on your website so easy. Love your products so much. The quality is the best.

-, RX (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Wonderful product. A bit pricey but worth it. Handwash and they last a long time. Make your butt look naturally great.

-, NV (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Best panty store ever. Thank you for boosting my self esteem.

-, WA (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Thank you so much great website great products get your dance in Lolol love them

-, AR (Size: X-Small)
Five Star Rating
Very satisfied with my can-can's! In my opinion, Bubbles has the Best quality on the market.

-, PA (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
I'm a repeat customer I love all of your merchandice and I always referring to friends and family always satisfied

-, CA (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
First time buying this product. I am a 66-year-old who had recent extreme weight loss.. very confused about product and sizing but after my customer service phone car I was kindly walked through the process and made my ordering very easy .....thank you so much.

-, TN (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Website is very easy to use. Product descriptions are perfect. Absolutely in love with the results. Product is very comfortable and fits well. Love my Bubbles!!!

-, MI (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Had to dig a bit to find how the the non silicone pads were made.I Have ordered from other sites where the " foam" pad was more of a scooped out cupped shaped pad made of foam and was useless. So I was reluctant here.I eventually saw where it was described as similar to the foam of a seat in a car. A clear demonstration in one of your videos would have been most helpful tho.

-, IL (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
These Can Can panties are comfy...I like how high up they go and don't create muffin top. Also that they don't dig in at the front crotch leg area. I forget that I even have them on!! They're more concealing too in the butt under pants than the standard ones I've ordered from you in the past... Thanks Cathy Love your videos!

- , CA (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating

- , NY (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Ordered a different style in September. Love it so much. Did not go bigger than what came with the panty & it was perfect. The first one was a low rise. Now I need a mid rise. What a great product! I live in MX so the lighter weight is perfect. Never to hot or too tight. Perfect fit. True to size chart.

- , NC (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
I thank you so much to lovemybubbles for the greatest time I had. You made me feel and look wonderful with my Can Can padded panty on under my beautiful trumpet mermaid evening gown. I had countless best compliments ever of "Wow, I love your bootiful rear view with the dress!" in the evening Gala. Because of your best product, excellent customer service, and instant fast delivery, my dream night came true. In addition to purchasing more for myself and for a special gift to friend, I absolutely recommend your products to my friends.

- , CA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Love my butt!

- , NC (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Thank you soooooo much I truly love it, will order more real soon. Thank you again!

- , MI (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Excellent product. Very satisfied.

-, KS (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I received my order and was very pleased with my products. I would definitely recommend Bubbles to others

-, TX (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
thanks, perfect for my mom

- , MI (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
first order but it went very well. I am very satisfied with the product I ordered and intend to order again.

- , NM (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
very comfortable. great fix for jeans that aren't quite right.

- , PA (Size: X-Small)
Five Star Rating
I love my new derriere!!!

- , PA (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Amazing how well my clothes fit with bubbles, wear especially pants i look & feel great.

- , IN (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
I have been very pleased with product. Very real. Just enough to make clothes and me look great. Love your product. Great quality.

- , GA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I am a transgender and absolutely love these panties. Thank you so much for helping me complete my new look.

- , IL (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Love the product

- , MA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Great helpful customer service! I recommend the cancan. I have tailbone pain and the cancan with silicone pads allows me to sit comfortably. No longer do I need to carry a special pillow to sit on. Love my bubbles!

- , CA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Love my purchase great collection

- , CA (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
Love the fit and look.

- , FL (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I love my Bubbles!!

- , VA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Bubbles has the best products. The only place I buy my undergarments from.

- , FL (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Great product! I'm ordering one for every day.

- , OH Size (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
Just wanted to Say thank you again. With my jeans I wear the pad that came with my panty as well as the extra thick padding. I feel like I have a regular woman's body, I have confidence in the way that i carry myself. with most of my other clothes I just wear the extra thick pad on its own. who knew something so little could make me feel differently about myself. Every one I spoke to there was so kind and patient . And so knowledgeable about the product as well as about what I needed to make me feel good about me. Thank you, a real heartfelt thank you so much.

-, Canada
Five Star Rating
I'm giving this 11 stars as it definitely makes me more than a 10.. Im 65 years olf but feel Wish I could send a picture of me with this. Its given me such a womanly shape. In jeans I use the thick pads but in other clothes the regular pad that came with it is enough, it's given me so much self confidence. I got all my fathers shape except his .. I got my mom's green eyes and her butt(non existant one) The ladies there were so helpful and professional and funny. They are a great team and I am thankful for them.

-, Canada
Five Star Rating
O.M.GOODNESS! YOU GUYS! I got my Can Cans last night. I am SO DELIGHTED! Yes, there are stronger words to describe degrees of happiness but All In Caps DELIGHT is what I have! Christian, Thank You! I would have lost my mind ordering without you. I would like to share part of my story if that's alright. I have struggled with Body Dysmorphic Disorder since about the time my 16 year old daughter was born (a full description of the affliction can be found at Briefly, it is when a person is so dissatisfied with their appearance, or parts of it, that it hinders daily activities, physical and psychological well being. Mine is not as severe as many, but enough so that a seemingly perfectly good day out that begins with getting dressed can become fraught with despair, depression, even anger.

My biggest target trigger: My Butt, or lack thereof these days. Do understand, I was blessed with an enviable body type in early teens but did not realize it until my 20's, as is pretty normal. Then I Saw it: my pretty little "upside down heart" bumm. I saw it, flaunted it and flagged it with The tightest of size 7 Levi's (back when sizes ran truer - not like now, when remedial fashion literally stretches the truth, tagging garments with 32 inch waist and 42 inch hip with size 9, and 7). I am almost 49. I birthed 2 great children, 13.5 years apart and...subsequently lost my a**. And I will tell you I literally Mourned the loss. There were no longer pants any place on the planet that would flatter, and there were no more compliments but only Comments, Truly: "You have no butt", "You need to eat", "You're too tiny". Mostly from women, and mostly women bigger than me, but the fact that I am 5'8" and 125 lbs, unpregnant, has always elicited those type comments. They are, at least I know Used to be, meant as a "compliment" in many minds. It irritated me when I was younger. Now it just hurts.

There are many Many things I do not like about my body which at this age, pretty normal. But, as I call it, the Sponge Bob Square BUTT is an extreme source of loathing as Body Dysmorphia definition describes. (Sorry - "brief story" went out the window hundreds of words ago, thanks if you're still reading). As age takes the tole on the body from the inside out, activities can become limited. I broke my leg in 2 places 5 months ago. A devastating blow to an avid dance work-out fanatic, it was my everything answer to cardio, stretching, toning, and getting frustration of the world OUT of me, at least 10 hours a week. As I said, Devastating. I am Truly grateful that I have use of the leg and now need only a cane and one very comfortable, very expensive pair of men's athletic shoes. Bye bye boots, sandals, shorts, skirts, dresses. But that is ok, it really is. And the physical pain that made me cry a lot more than I do now, is bearable. But, the Butt. My Butt. What an additional smack in the head with the now not so toned muscles underneath my now bagging sagging jeans that I've invested a lot of money in over the past few years, just to feel sort of "comfortable in my own skin" out in public. I enjoy my collection of various styles and colors of jackets. Not so much tied around my waist, as they've become a part of the "get up".

Until Last. Night. I do not know how long I sat and stared at the unopened package. Thoughts - no, Assurances that "This is going to suck So Badly if - no, When it does not work". I found some scissors and some courage and carefully unwrapped the items: Can Cans, pads that came with, and the sets of extra thick pads and silicone pads Christian and I carefully selected. I tried one set, put my jeans back on, looked in the mirror, and was not displeased. I added another set, went and got my favorite jeans from forever that I rarely wear now, put all on, got the full length mirror from out of Hiding - truly! And wept, and then laughed, and turned and walked and turned, and went next door to show my mother -my best friend- who said "Oh my goodness! You can really pull that off! It looks great! YOU look great!". She, even in her goodnight text, said to me, "I Love that you did that!". I think only a Best-Friend-Mama could truly understand the pain of zero self esteem days... which will now be fewer, lighter and Better. Thanks to you guys! And of course a special Thank You to Karen Jones. Bless you each. Sheli Kelly

-, NM
Four Star Rating
Just as it!

- , NC (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
Great experience. I have three pairs now but I do find them to be an expensive purchase, especially with the Canadian exchange rate. Having said that, they feel good, wash well and will hopefully last a long time. Thank you.

- , WA (Size: X-Small)
Five Star Rating
I like it

- , OH (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
Your product makes me happy. Will most definitely be shopping with you again soon.

- , Canada (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Excellent service and I really like can can panties.

- , NV (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Thank you for your online assistance with the ordering. I love the product I ordered which was very true to sizing. I will use this company again and recommend to others.

- , Australia (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
All looks awesome Love my new found boodie - from a life spent without a butt I now can continue life with a smile on my face and knowing that I never ever ever have to do a million lunges and squats (and seriously at 52 I'm not budging on that one no mater how much my gym junkie girlfriends tell me))to try and achieve a wee bit of shape in my butt region. Life is now perfect. Thank you Bubbles. As a great man once said "I'll be back"! Leesa T

- , Australia (Size: Large)
Four Star Rating
You guys just might change my whole style lol thanks

- , MI (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
Loved the panties. I received with the silicone. Will definitely be ordering more in the future.

- , CA (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Great customer service! Very kind over phone and helped me decide on this product to help my mother who lost her butt due to cancer treatments.

- , MO (Size: Large)

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