"Lite" Silicone Booty Pads
Bubbles' exclusive Lite Silicone Booty Pads are a premium booty-enhancement solution. Silicone has a realistic feel - when touched it feels like a real derriere.

Lite Silicone, also described as Lightweight or Foaming Silicone, is infused with air bubbles during the manufacturing process. The air helps to make these pads half the weight of our original "Traditional" or "Clear" silicone pad types.

Also sold separately ($30.00 and up, depending on size/style).

Pros: Because silicone feels so realistic, this type of booty pad is a great option for those who are concerned that someone may touch their backside and suspect that there is a padded bodyshaper underneath. Cons: Although lighter than our original silicone pads, Lite Silicone still weighs more than basic foam booty pads. Silicone is a premium material and is therefore a more expensive option compared to polyurethane foam options.