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Foxy Fanny® Original Silicone Padded Panty

Midrise Padded Panty Girdle w/2 pad sets

$ 42.00
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Get a Foxy Fanny® with our original silicone padded panty! In a traditional brief cut and midrise waistline, this panty shaper offers the best of both worlds...a flat tummy and perky booty. Exclusively at Bubbles®.

Includes the Foxy Fanny pocket-panty, Bubbles' premium "jiggly" silicone pads and a bonus set of Thicker Foam Booty Pads!

The Foxy Fanny's clear silicone pads provide a subtle and moderate rounding affect. The realistic silicone (also known as gel pads) fit securely in each pad pocket and are removable for convenient wash and wear. Spandex and Nylon mesh controls and tones the waist and hips while the removable pads perkify the backside.

Boosting effect: The silicone pads are designed to provide a moderate but noticeable boost. The thickness of the pads is made to match the size of the panty and increases in thickness as the panty & pad size increases. For example, Medium pads are slightly thicker than Small pads. Pad sizes range from 6.5" to 7" in diameter.

Foxy Fanny® Padded Panties - Panty/Pad Set

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Size Chart
Dress Size Hips (in) UK EU
Small 0 - 2 34 - 35.5 4 - 6 36
Medium 4 - 6 36 - 37.5 6 - 8 38
Large 8 - 10 38 - 39.5 10 - 12 40
X-Large 12 - 14 40 - 41.5 14 - 16 42
XXL 16 - 18 42 - 43.5 18 - 20 44
3XL 18 - 20 44 - 45.5 20 - 22 46
4XL 20 - 22 46 - 47.5 22 - 24 48
5XL 22 - 24 48 - 49.5 24 - 26 50
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  • Product Code: 9017
  • Available Colors: Nude, Black, Leopard, Mocha
  • Available Sizes: S - 5XL
  • 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex (no polyester!)
  • Hand washing recommended (remove pads first)
  • Designed & Made by Bubbles®
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4.7 41
Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Five Star Rating
I'm so happy with my new butt! I'm a black girl so having no butt really su*** in my community...I got the clear silicone butt pads with a midrise panty and they look amazing...I have so many more clothes I can wear now..i have tons of yoga pants, skinny jeans & leggings I've bought but am to embarrassed to wear cuz my flat butt...well today i wore super tight leggings and random strangers were even checking out my butt an giving me compliments..i felt so much more boyfriend even smacked my butt an didn't no I was wearing the silicon butt pads, he just kept watchin me walk around and said i looked really nice today..these pads and panties are totally feel great...I've worn foam pads so it was weird feeling the heaviness of the silicone and I was "aware" of my butt for a while because i could feel it..but u quickly get used to it..after an hour or 2 I didn't even notice..the silicon jiggles an warms up to ur body temp...every time I walked by a mirror i had to keep checkin out my butt, lol..I'm 5'5 132 pounds, a size 1/2 and I ordered a medium panty b/c my hips are a the panty fits fine...these silicon pads give u a great shape, feel real and do not look fake at all...seriously I had on skin tight nylon spandex type leggings today and my butt looked fantastic an I had plenty admirers to support that, lol.

-, VA
Five Star Rating
I love this panty. I ordered it in a size 4XL. Ooo Wee I got booty now. The shipping was the next day with Overnight FedEx. It was worth the loot. I will be a customer for life.

-, CA (Size: 4XL)
Five Star Rating
I had lost 25 lbs since buying my wedding dress back in August and my perfect bohemian dress looked a size too big! I cried! Not only did I lose weight, I lost my bootie too! I didn't know what to do! I didn't have the money to spend on alterations, I needed to fix this and in a hurry, my wedding is 1 month away! Then it came to me, like a switch was flipped inside my head and then the light bulb! LOVEMYBUBBLES! I ended up choosing, which I also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, The Foxy Fanny Silicone Panty. I manly chose this one based of the ratings and reviews, the price, and the simple fact I didn't have to pay extra for silicone which does give a moderate boost and a realistic look and feel. which is exactly what I wanted for my wedding day! The very day I received the Foxy Fanny Panty in the mail, I put it on and threw my wedding dress over it. I honestly never thought it would do SO much for my figure and STILL be able to transform the fitting of my dress, but it did! I love it more on me NOW than the original fitting when I first bought the dang dress. I obviously didn't think I was perfect in my dress, otherwise I wouldn't have felt the need to diet but I can't imagine my dress looking any better than it does today with my Foxy Fanny Panties underneath! It completely altered the look of my dress and it only cost me $39, took a total of 2 days for shipping, AND I have my butt back!! A much better deal than alterations! I'm so thankful to @BubblesBodywear, I feel so sexy with my new donk, and am so thrilled that I just can't wait for our big day!

-, MS
Five Star Rating
Omgggggg. I am beyond please with my first shopping experience with you guys. I don't know where to start...first, the amount of time it took for my order to come in was CRAZY fast. I wasn't expecting them to literally be in my mailbox in less than two days. The panty fit is amazing and the pads are actually quite comfy. I'm a big girl but I wasn't blessed with ANY booty meat. Now it's going to be impossible to get me to wear anything but leggings ;)

-, LA
Five Star Rating
Love love love my bubble wear I already have confidence in myself but now its through the roof...I will definitely recommend to friends and family and I will definitely be ordering more...thank you

-, MA
Five Star Rating
I, like many others was also cursed with the pancake butt! I started looking into padded panties and a search had brought me here and I'm so happy I purchased! I may now wear high waisted jeans without having to cover up half my butt with a long shirt! My only complaint and its an obvious one but the sweat... On a hot day these are not the best idea because I thought I had busted them but it was just my sweaty butt, ha-ha!

-, MO
Five Star Rating
Thanks! I finally have a butt & can feel more confident in my jeans!! :))

-, NC
Five Star Rating
Wow! Super fast shipping. I received my order within 2 days, and this is the best padded panty I have ever worn. The silicone pads add a moderate and natural lift and feel great to wear. The foam pads add a fuller rear and look great with jeans. Thank you so much for this excellent product, and I am definitely going to purchase more!

-, MI
Five Star Rating
This is ama...wait, here it comes...ZING!! I´ve always had curves and i sure like them. the only thing not curvy was/is my butt. flat. very. nothing perky about it. and i´ve always hated having pictures taken from the side or behind since i´ve always deleted them imediatly. Today, i ran some errands and whenever i passed a mirror (or sth mirror-esk) i had to slow down and take a look. I loved it! i felt sexy and curvy and all that good stuff. i even put on hogh heels to go with my new behind, just cause i felt like it today! highly recommended!!

-, Germany
Five Star Rating
when i first ordered the foxy fanny i was a bit skeptical but as soon as i recieved them in the mail i was determined to try them on with every different pant i owned. low and behold ,this padded panty stands up to its promises. For years ive had a little something something back there but its never been proportioned like i wanted. more cheeks than that bump that we girls want. when i tried them on with my jeans it just looked like i got a nice butt lift overnight! nothing artificial or fake but a moderate change. i got a couple of compliments from the guys too lol. but wearing the panties with my leggings might take a little tweeking. like putting a light legging underneath to minimize the lines but other than that i have no complaints i definitely will be ordering future products from this company... This product is the Truth

-, MD
Five Star Rating
My entire life my siblings hv called me " wafer butt" because I had no booty lol.. When I stumbled upon the Bubbles Bodywear site I was very skeptical until I received it in the mail and tried it on.. Omggggggg!!!! I was INSTANTLY in love with my J-Lo booty!!!;):) I purchased the Foxy Fanny mid rise undies and upgraded the pads to size 5xl because I wanted the biggest booty avail.. The panties themselves are very comfy and true to size ... They came with thick foam pads as well as the silicone pads and both give a different realistic look. Both are very comfy and very very very realistic in appearance and feel. I've been bouncing my booty all over the house and my fiancé can't keep his hands off lol .. It felt like Christmas going thru all my dresses , pants, shorts , seeing how different I looked in all of them .. A total makeover in back no doubt!!! Major confidence booster !!! I would recommend Bubbles Bodywear to anyone!!! 5 stars hands down the best thing I've ever discovered !!

-, IN
Five Star Rating
i was very skeptical about this product but i decided to give it a try. I just got my product today an tried it on with a skirt since i bought it for a special occacion. I dont have a small butt but average size, but with these panties there is a noticible boost and looks more shapely. its definitely worth your money and you cant even tell!! best product ever and will keep buying.

-, IL
Five Star Rating
Have used padded panties that shifted and didn't look real. Love these silicone padded panties... Look and feel so real!!! Love them! Love them! love them! High five!!!

-, NE
Five Star Rating
I love my butt now,it looks so nice and sexy! It is super comfortable and looks totally real! The shipping is super fast,got the product in 2 days. I will definitively purchase more of your products, since I wasn't blessed with any curves.

-, WA
Five Star Rating
Hi I shipped to NEW ZEALAND! and i have to say i was sceptical BUT when it arrived in the mail in the amount of time estimated by lovemybubbles, i JUMPED up & down lol. I purchased for my best friend who has confidence issues about her rear. I will have to take it to her house and SURPRISE HER! ORDERING was so, so EASY and contact regarding my tracking number etc was FAST & RELIABLE! THANK YOU SO MUCH, i will buy again in the future. *TRUSTED COMPANY/WEBSITE*

-, Australia
Five Star Rating
I am a plus-size woman, (18-20 W), and have an ample size behind but it's been referred to, (by haters), as "Burger Butt". Therefore, I wanted something to improve the shape not necessarily increase the size of it. Well Foxy Fanny did the job COMPLETELY. Upon arrival, I immediately did a fashion show..trying on various pairs of jeans with both the silicone and foam pads...I was totally impressed! The foam pads increased the size of my rear, so I more than likely will stick with the silicone pads for a more natural look, but I may use the foam for a night out. I have worn the silcone pads out once for a fun night out at a restaurant and I caught one of the waiters checking me out as I was exiting the establishment. I had to laugh to myself. Not that I am trying to fool anyone..but I am used to men checking me out from the front and changing their minds when the see the back, (well not all men because I do get a fair share of attention), but I expect the attention to increase through the roof! LOL

-, NJ (Cheryl bought the 3XL)
Four Star Rating
OMG!! Unfortunately, I was not endowed with a protruding, shapely butt. I have considered everything from fat injections to gentle lipo. I remember growing up, I would stuff my panties to sculpt me a butt; anything from socks to towels. Don’t laugh, but would you agree that I have been desperate for a more shapely booty!!?? Well, thank God for Love my Bubbles!!! My package came in the mail today and Lawd have mercy!!! I put them on and bang bang bang, baby got back!!! I love them! They look and feel so natural. Of course, me being me, I had to smack it to see what it would sound and feel like!! Ha! I would hate for my husband to give me a pat and it sound like a pillow!! But these are fabulous! Thank you and many blessings to you for giving me what I have desired!!

-, OH
Four Star Rating
I have finally found the one! I went through years of ordering padded panties only to find the pads were way too small. Honestly, I didn't much faith in the Bubbles collection. But boy was I wrong. I haven't taken them off since I received them. When I walk down the street in my jeans, I feel sooooo good. Baby gets much feedback from the fellas. I never understand why women with big rounded bumps were so confident. Now I know their secret. Will be ordering replacements way in advance. Thanks Bubbles!

-, NY
Five Star Rating
Wow, I finally have a backside I can feel proud of, never imagined the silicone pads would enhance me that much and look so realistic. I put them on and now I hate to have to take them off. Thanks Love my Bubbles!

-, TX
Five Star Rating
Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!! Soooooooo happy! And i reciwed it very quick from the USA. Thanks again for great service. LOVE IT! Hug from Sweden.

-, Sweden<
Five Star Rating

-, NY
Five Star Rating
I am a 41yr old womam and always have lacked in the bottom area but blessed in the bust area, well I came across your website one day, and just though I would order the Foxy Fanny® so I called your customer service Rep she was very helpful in answering my questions and etc.. I received my product and I now have confidence in my self again being a plus size woman I feel curvacious and beautiful again THANKS BUBBLES for your products I will definetly be purchasing more items.

-, TX
Five Star Rating
I am just so impressed with your company. It gives us who don't want surgery to beautify ourselves and feel good. My husband of 18 yrs loves me for who I am but at my work and other public places I was paranoid on my imperfections. Your products cure that and I love it. I have cofidence and don't ever think about what I consider my flaws. Your customer service is outstanding, a field I work in. I am truly beyond impressed and satisfied. Thank you for being my little sexy secret. ~Sam, I so am! ;)

-, CA
Five Star Rating
i have just recieved my padded pants & they are great,having purchased padded pants off other sites i must say that these are the best,they feel comfortable to wear & look completely natural.i am looking foreward to wearing my jeans without having to wear long tops to hide my saggy butt,thank you bubbles.

-, UK
Five Star Rating
Omg!! It took a minute to get the right panty for me, but when I order the FOXY FANNY its over.. I'm HOT!! Thanks so much for a great, awesome, wonderful and sexy product. Everyone was great to work with.. You are changing people life(s).. BE BLESS!!

-, SC
Five Star Rating
I have lived with a flat bum, forever! AT 34 I decided to order a pair from sear, but within 2 times of wearing it, the foam and gotten flatter and for the price I paid, I was not happy. I stumbled upon this sight and the price was much better and I thought I would try it, I bought 2 different sized silicone pads and i LOVE them! I was so happy with the quality and size and the look. I love having a butt for the first time in my life my jeans aren't sagging off me! I will be investing in even more. THanks so much!!

-, Canada
Five Star Rating
OMG! got them today. I'm a plus sizeed colored girl suffering from a little something called(Noassatall)(lol)hip measurement 49 wide I ordered the 3x with a extra foam pad set and 3in thick foam pad with it. It fit like a glove. One look in the mirror and i turned into a Woo girl. I took them for a test drive and turned heads. My husband came home for lunch and said WOW!! those squats are really working he gave me a hug and squeezed them (the Silicone)and said my,my,my.This has to be the best purchase I've EVER made.I LOVE MY NEW BUBBLES!!!

-, AR
Five Star Rating
I love, love,love my bubbles!!! I am over fifty and could never find jeans to fit me because if the jeans fit my waist, I could [fit] 2 legs in each leg opening. Simply there just wasn't a butt. Now my clothes fit me so much better, and I feel better about how I look. However, I still have a muffin top (the cherokee curse) and am hoping you could make the silicone panties with a high waist cincher, then everything would be PERFECT.

-, CA
Thank you so much. Now my body is complete.

-, CA
Five Star Rating
I wear it everyday!!! I feel naked without it, I have three so I wash, wear and rotate!!!

-, GA
Bubbles, I received my package [Foxy Fanny], and just wanted you to know, I am very delighted with your merchandise. Thank you!!!

-, GA
Hi, I received my first "buttbubble silicone panty" on Friday and I LOVE IT!!!!...You guys make an AMAZING product!!!

-, MO
Just wanted to say I received my package and I wish I had known about your company a long time ago. Great product and really fast shipping

-, TX
I am writing to your president about my experience. I couldn't be happier. I am a cancer survivor of Stage IV Fibrosarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer which required me to have a buttock resection...basically removing the left buttock. I ordered a pair of underwear with silicone pads and my life changed. Thank you so much, Karen Jones, for creating this product.

-, CA
I recently ordered the foxy fanny what a great product. It's real feeling and the best I've seen yet...

I have fallen for your website and your customer service is the best. I will definetly be a returning customer...

-, VA
I recieved the package, I love it!!!!!!!!!! I would like to order (2) pairs of panties!

-, TX

...R. R., AZ
First let me say I LOVEEEEE your [silicone] product. I have lived 48yrs being uncomfortable with my lack of behind. You guys are the best thing that has happened to me. I should be a sales rep for you guys. I am telling everyone (I know lots of people with flat behinds) and they are all placing orders. I have been carrying my padded panty in the car because everyone wants to see it before they order. I model it for them so they can see me before I put it on and after. I wore it to church and my fellow ushers couldn't believe how natural it looked and felt (yes, they had to touch it) God bless you. Feel free to post my comments.

-, MI
I have been ordering padded panties for a while, it has been humbling and they do not last. The padding crumble up and very embarrasing. With my Bubbles products I am so satisfied, and I don't have to work hard for my money. (smile) They are great since I have found the correct one for me. The Foxy Fanny® Silicone Panty it's the bomb. Keep up the good work. We are very much in love with the panty.

-, KY
I pray God's blessing on you and you business. You know the importance of satisfying your customers. Not only that but you take suggestions and make them happen. I am a full figured African American women who takes pride in my appearance. I went to a party on Saturday and even my 85yr old uncle said hey girl you looking good from the back.

-, MI