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Bombshell Hip/Butt Padded Panty

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Silicone Panty FeedbackBaby Got Feedback
4.9 55

Retro Lace-Waist Padded Panty

Sophisticated Panty/Pad Set

$ 55.00
Retro Padded Underwear Product Video on Mannequin Padded Underwear Before and After Video on a Model FAQ Video - Silicone vs. Foam
Harken back to the days of old Hollywood: hourglass curves accentuated by ultra-feminine fashions using sumptuous fabrics. Now picture yourself in Bubbles' exclusive Retro Lace-Waist Padded Panty ~ a beautiful balance between shapewear and elegant lingerie.

Our Retro Lace-Waist Pocket-Panty controls the tummy and prevents muffin tops with a lacy midsection, while our specially designed pad-pockets are hidden to prevent visible pad lines. And the most important feature is of course your and our little secret...our exclusive, removable and interchangeable booty pads.

Bubbles' Booty Pads are removable for convenient washing of your pocket-panty, but most importantly can be interchanged to customize your boost! Only Bubbles offers a wide variety of boosting pad shapes, thicknesses and materials!

We pair this pocket-panty with our round, lightweight Premium Foam Booty Pads that cup the cheeks for a natural-looking, moderate boost. For more projection, wear with our Premium Thick Foam Booty Pads. And for an ultra-realistic LOOK AND FEEL, pair with any size of our Premium Clear Silicone Jiggly Booty Pads! Exclusively ours.
Retro Panty/Pad Set

Black swatch
Choose your Panty/Pad Set Size:explain

Add Thick Foam Pad Set (optional):explain

Add Clear Silicone Pad Set (optional):explain

line between
Beige swatch
Choose your Panty/Pad Set Size:explain

Add Thick Foam Pad Set (optional):explain

Add Clear Silicone Pad Set (optional):explain

love line
Panty/Pad Set Size Chart
XX-Small 00 20.5 - 22.5 27 - 29
X-Small 0 22 - 24 29.5 - 31.5
Small 0 - 2 24.5 - 26.5 32 - 34.5
Medium 2 - 4 27 - 30.5 35 - 37.5
Large 6 - 8 31 - 33 38 - 40.5
X-Large 10 - 12 33.5 - 35.5 41 - 43
XXL 14 - 16 36 - 38 43.5 - 45.5
3XL 18 - 20 38.5 - 40.5 46 - 48
4XL 20 - 22 41 - 43 48.5 - 50.5
5XL 22 - 24 42.5 - 44.5 50 - 52.5

Size Info for the Foam Booty Pads*
STANDARD (Included with Panty/Pad Set)
XS .25
Small .25
Medium .5
Large .75
X-Large .75
2XL - 4XL 1
THICK Optional)
XS .75
Small 1
Medium 1.25
Large 1.5
X-Large 2.25
2XL - 4XL 2.75

Optional Silicone Booty Pads*
X-Small .5 5.5
Small .66 6
Medium .75 6
Large 1 6
X-Large 1.25 6
2XL 1.5 6
3XL 1.75 7
4XL 2 7.5
5XL 2.25 8
All measurements are listed in inches.

    Sizing Tips & More...

  • *Due to variances created during the manufacturing process of foam and silicone padding, all references to thickness, boost, width or height are approximate.
  • Please choose your Panty/Pad Set size based on the Panty/Pad Size Chart above.
  • Optional Pads: We recommend choosing a pad size that matches the panty size purchased. But please feel free to customize with larger or smaller pad sizes based on your personal preference. Click on the explain icon next to each "Add to Cart" option above for more detailed info about those pads.
  • Product Code: 9040
  • Available Colors: Black, Nude
  • Available Sizes: XXS - 5XL
  • Panty: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex, Cotton gusset
  • Designed & Made by Love My Bubbles®
  • Black garments: Before wearing under light-colored clothing, wash or rinse garment thoroughly to avoid color transfer. dye may run during the first several washes.
  • Machine wash pocket-panty with like colors, gentle cycle, cool water, mild detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry.
  • Remove pads before washing. If foam pads need washing, put them in a separate wash bag then lay flat to dry. Never put silicone pads in a washing machine or dryer, and keep them away from sources of high heat, adhesives and sharp objects.
  • Tip: To extend the life and preserve the shape of garment, launder in a protective lingerie wash bag.

Bum Boosting Meter
Customizable - Add Thick Foam for a bigger boost

Slimming Meter
Slimming Shapewear
Individual styles featured on this page...

padding Pocket Panty
Retro Lace-Waist (w/o pads)
✔ Midrise Pocket Panty
padding Wide Booty Pads
Premium Foam Booty Pads
↻ Replacement Padding
padding Clear Jiggly Butt Pads
Clear Jiggly Silicone
↻ Replacement Padding
Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Five Star Rating
I love my new bubbles!!! They don't make a severe line around the stomach-no muffin top!

-, MI (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
How many ways can I say shocked? My order was perfect. Realistic and practical and I'll tell you why. I have an arthritic sitz bone and cannot sit for long, or sometimes short periods of time. The silicone pads actually help pad that area. I couldn't be happier. I used another ladies size to order mine. They do not squeeze and look very pretty. I ordered the lacy panty. I'm 5' 9" and wear an 8. I ordered an XL and will be ordering black next and maybe go down to large. I am 77 years old. Thank you many times over.

-, MO (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
love your stuff! Received my order in a very timely fashion. Love the lace retro panty; will order more in future! They're pretty, hold my tummy in, plus I get a little help in my booty area. ;-)

-, AZ (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Everything was perfect. Have been buying for a couple years now. Great products with great quality. Have never had any issues or concerns with anything ordered. Thank you to love my bubbles for giving me my confidence back!

-, PA (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
i started wearing bubbles almost 5 years ago..I have not gone 1 day since then without my bubbles!!

-, LA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
easy website. Previous good experience with ordering. Love, Love the product!

-, WI (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
The product I ordered looked great online, and I am pleased with the miraculous transformation when I have it on! I was also amazed at how easy ordering was, and how quickly I received the item. I am so appreciative.

-, AZ (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
Absolutely love this item. This is great when I need to shape up without being too tight( stopped wearing Spanx a few years ago because too uncomfortable for my abdomen). I wear these with either medium, large or 2xl Traditional or Real feel clear silicone pads. I kinda wish there were silicone pads but I might try with the sticky pads. That's just me being picky lol. I had to also purchase the non high waisted retro undies and can't wait to get them because when I'm bloated I can't wear these. Just way too much discomfort. Great products. I have been purchasing since 2012 but this is literally my first written review on the site. I had large and fit true to size. Sexy and gives a boost. My hubby said he likes it and they are sexy too even though he loves me even without which was cute. He literally meet me wearing the first ones I bought so he is used to it.

-, NY (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Great service and great products!!

-, Canada (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Thank you so much for all the help you gave me. Since I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease I lost so much weight. The product I bought from your company has made me feel like I have a shape again, I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family..

-, NY (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Satisfied with my purchase

-, GA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Love your products. I am now ordering for my dear sister, who has pancreatic cancer, and is quickly losing weight. I showed her my previous orders, and now am getting these for her. It's a tough go for her, and I pray this will keep her spirits up. Thank you.

-, CA (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Really easy to choose and combine what you will like to purchase without any restrictions. Basically build your own garment. I love that! And the product is amazing. Perfect fit and comfortable at wear. I'm completely satisfied!

- , IL (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
I love the item.. I've bought so many padded panty here and i like them so much :)

- , NV (Size: 2XL)
Five Star Rating
Loved the product very satisfied with the fit I s perfect!!!

- , RI (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Easy to shop. Repeat order. Good! Merry Christmas

- , Canada (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I have ordered from this site before and I have been very happy with the quality and comfort.

- , PA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I have had "no butt" my entire life. Now that I am in my 50's, "no butt" now hangs low and it wobble's through and fro, along w/everything else. I have discovered you all a ways back, your company, your products, your descriptions, etc. are excellent. Your products make me feel a little better about myself, sorry I have to say in my mind, your products make me feel a lot better. The shopping throughout your pages is always fun and you almost want it all. Next you need to come up with 'face lifters'(LOL). TY

- , CA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I love them...

- , MD (Size: 2XL)
Four Star Rating
Absolutely love that the retro lace waist padded underwear now has extended sizes (4xl and 5xl) but why only in the? Will the extended sizes be in too soon? So very looking forward to it!

- , FL (Size: 5XL)
Five Star Rating
Great choices, quickly shipped, quality product.

- , IL (Size: X-Large )
Five Star Rating
Super-fast shipment of lovely items that fit perfectly!

- , MO (Size: X-Large )
Five Star Rating
Good experience. Excellent product. Like the videos, they were available to help with selections. The chart is much needed to ensure garments fix to size.

- , AL (Size: Large )
Five Star Rating
I have shopped here before and I've love your products. Your return policy is easy which makes this one of my favorite to order my enhancers.

- , TX (Size: X-Large )
Five Star Rating
Love the painties. size of the silicone pads are to large. Will be ordering a smaller size.

- , NV (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
love your product!!!

- , CA (Size: Large )
Five Star Rating
Extremely happy with the products I purchased. I would have no hesitation in purchasing from them again. Shipping time was extremely quick. I received the products within 3 days of placing my order! Super fast. The products are of high quality and there are no surprises. What you see on the website is what you get.

- , AU (Size: Large )
Five Star Rating
Silicone pads are just awesome they really enhance my derriére. The panties fit just great. I did feel that the panties were a bit pricey. At 55 dlrs a pair. I did order two more pair as I am that satisfied with the product.

- , IL (Size: 2XL)
Five Star Rating
Thank you for giving me the confidence in public! from a Australian fan! :)

- , AU (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Love love love wish I had gotten the xxs in every style but j didn't even know they offered it until my third purchase just this month Yes!,I'm addicted lol this was the FASTEST shooing I've ever seen. I got my bubbles the next day!!!! I didn't know what the package was because I was not expecting it yet 100%

- , ID (Size: XX-Small)
Five Star Rating
I love my bubbles panties!

- , OH (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Received my order in a timely manner. I love the product; however, I should have ordered a size up. This was my fault and not the companies. I would definitely order again.

- , MO (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
My order came in so fast! Love the product! Will be ordering again real soon

- , LA (Size: 2XL)
Five Star Rating
Quality excellent .. Great for my self esteem... Thank goodness for bubbles

- , TX (Size: X-Small)
Five Star Rating
I love your products and your company, you have given me an option to feel good about the way I look in spite of circumstances beyond my control. Thank you! P.S. Please be discreet in any email correspondence.

- , MI (Size: Small)
Five Star Rating
Love it love it. I also love the retro diamond. I love all the retros. Very natural look. The pads cover the whole cheek. I will stay with these forever. Hopefully you do not discontinue these items.

- , IL (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
I would order again. Thanks

- , CO (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Love love love the retro panty. Beautifully made and great quality. The fit was perfect. True to size chart.

- , WA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
I couldn't be happier. These Retro lace panties are amazing and sexy. My first thought when I saw them was Marlyn Monroe! I could see her rocking this lace. They are very well made and I love being able to switch out padding. I'm all about the silicone pads. I have them in 3 sizes to work with anything I'm wearing. It's so nice to have a booty again. I'm going to buy more pad sizes for even more booty. My husband said they're hot! I'll haven't worn a pair of any of my other panties since I found these. SO HAPPY

- , AZ (Size: X-Small)
Five Star Rating
To say I'm obsessed with the Retro Lace-Waist padded panty would be an understatement. I am so impressed with how natural looking this product is! I ordered the thick foam pad set because my booty truly is so flat that the pads that come with it don't do much for me. But WOW the thick pads are what did it! I'm typically a size 10-12 so I ordered the XL and they did not disappoint! Highly recommend this product!!

- , PA (Size: X-Large)
Five Star Rating
Love 'em

- , SC (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
I've purchased once before and really love the product. High quality fabrics, and made to last. Really "boosts" my confidence when wearing my bubbles!

- , IN (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
The information provided on the website was very detailed. I also had a friend who swears by this product she also assisted. My undies are high quality and the shape is just right.

- , FL (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
The quality of the product is very nice.

- , LA (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
Great company!! Love the retro padded panties... I have ordered these before and they are awesome quality and last forever as long as u follow the care guide. I wear mine everyday and always feel confident and beautiful! Iím a size 2x-3x and even for plus size women these are great for a cute, round, lifted tush. Love love love!!!

- , CA (Size: 2XL)
Five Star Rating
Satisfied overall!

- , MD (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
I've been looking and finally found good quality,and yes I finally found it and made me look n feel sexy without the old worn lace from the other I've been wearing for at least so excited about my new curves!!!!!! Thank you

- , TX (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Ordering was quick and easy. I received my order and when I tried it on I was very pleased.

- , TX (Size: Large)
Five Star Rating
I have so enjoyed having this product . I can finally wear a skirt or dress. Thank You

- , KY (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Unfortunately the XS is a little on the small side. This is my first purchase from you so I knew sizing would be a risk. I think the S will be too big. I'll try the XS again before deciding to exchange for the next size. If I can get the size right then I'll be back for more purchases. Very impressed with product quality, prompt service and delivery.

- , Australia (Size: X-Small)
Five Star Rating
I've bought my first pair 10 years ago and returning back again. I enjoy the product. It's worth every penny.

-, VA (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Will shop again. Your products are very good and customer service great. Also like the layout of your pages.

- , FI (Size: Medium)
Five Star Rating
Love your product thanks!

- , TX (Size: Medium)
Four Star Rating
I love the retro but giving it 4 stars because 5 stars would be if it had leg openings like the Bubblebuns Padded Boyshort. I love the retro because the pads sit a little higher than the boyshort and looks great under dress slacks. The boyshort looks great under jeans.

Five Star Rating
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! these new lace retro midrise are the best you guys have made yet .I have spoken to a few other women and now they have them too. They love them as much as I do. We all have one question.....when are you going to make these in other colors of lace, like beige, pink, so we can wear these under our white nursing pants??? We would also like to see them in sexy prints, like cheetah, zebra etc. so we can buy bras to match them to. We are a bunch of Happy Nurses. Thanks and hope you respond, so we'll know when we can get more in other colors. Patiently Waiting in NoCal

-, CA

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