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I want the biggest booty I can get! What products should I consider?


Panties with Built-in Padding

For built-in padding we recommend the Caboost! Padded Panties for the biggest booty boost. This padded panty gives the illusion of about 2 inches of boost and will enhance all the way from hip to hip giving the illusion of dramatic volume. Also best for those with wider hips.

Caboost! Midrise Padded Panty

Caboost! Hi-rise Padded Panty with Waist Cincher

Panties with Removable Padding

For those who want a panty with removable padding, many of our panty/pad sets have the option to add-on larger/thicker pads.

FOAM PADS: At approximately 3 inches of boost, the XL/XXL optional add-on pads are the THICKEST PADS that you can buy anywhere in the world!

SILICONE PADS: For the thickest Silicone Pads available on the market today, check out our FEEL REAL Clear Silicone Butt Pads in size 5XL, which are approximately to 2 1/4 inches thick. They fit in many of our specially designed pocket-panties.

Hip & Butt Padded Panties

Styles that pad the butt and the hips give a wider, fuller look and therefore the illusion of a big boost!

The Glamour Gal Silicone Hip-to-Butt Padded Powernet Panty

The Hipee Hip-to-Butt Padded Panty

When Buying Replacement Padding

For those who need replacement pads for their Bubbles' Pocket-Panties, here is helpful short video showing our 2 thinnest and 2 thickest pad styles:
Products mentioned in this video:

If you are unsure if the pads you like best will fit in the panty style that you like, please Call 800-401-5811 or Chat with us or so that we may assist you.

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