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bubbles faq


How fast can I receive my order?

We offer many shipping options from Overnight and 2-Day to Free Standard Shipping options. As long as your order is placed by 2PM EST, you can receive your package as soon as the next day! Please view our Shipping page for detailed time tables and estimated transit/delivery times.

  1. We use the US Mail and FedEx.
  2. We ship Monday through Friday (and limited shipping on Saturdays).
  3. Only FedEx offers real-time tracking and guaranteed delivery days. So if you need your package by a particular date, we recommend choosing FedEx.
  4. Choose one of our FedEx options and sign-up for FedEx Delivery Manager to get tracking and delivery text alerts, to arrange time-of-day delivery, reroute your package, arrange for pick-up at most Walgreen's or FedEx Office locations, and more!
  5. Weekend Deliveries: If you must receive your package on a Saturday, please contact us at 1-800-401-5811 arrange the delivery. Keep in mind that...

    1. If ordering FedEx Overnight on a Friday, your package will arrive Monday.
    2. FedEx can deliver to select locations on Saturdays for an additional fee.
    3. USPS delivers on Saturdays to select locations.

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