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Can I wear my booty or hip pads through TSA airport security?

While we cannot predict how each airport's policies or security equipment will affect scans of passengers wearing padding or prosthetics, we can provide some general information based on our years of experience and TSA public policies...

All TSA scanners are equipped with software called Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) that analyzes a body scan. TSA agents are alerted if the software identifies anything it identifies as an "anomaly" or "alarm". With ATR, according to the TSA, images of a traveler's actual body are never viewed by humans. TSA will not disclose details of how ATR detects anomalies, however in some cases, ATR software can register body contours that may indicate that a TSA agent perform further screening (like those caused by Mastectomy Breast Form or even our Silicone or Foam Booty Pads). Often this consists of a limited pat-down of the area(s) where an anomaly was detected, however it can potentially involve a complete pat-down.

Please see the TSA website for more information about screenings, pat-downs and your rights.

In our 20 years of experience, we have never had a customer tell us of a problem or an embarrassing occurrence going through TSA while wearing booty padding. As mentioned above, clothing accessories, like breast forms, are commonly seen by TSA agents. Another fact to keep in mind: our customers frequently wear our booty padding for seating comfort - this is a very legitimate reason to have or wear butt pads when traveling!

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