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bubbles faq


Can I alter my Love My Bubbles shapewear?

GARMENTS: We don't recommend altering or cutting your Love My Bubbles shapewear garments as unexpected damage could occur. Also, items that have been altered, can not be returned for refund, exchange or store credit.

But if you do decide to alter your Bubbles, please keep in mind that our high-tech stretch fabrics, multi-layer shapers and delicate lace garments require specialized knowledge for construction and altering. So it would be preferable to take your shaper to a qualified professional seamstress/tailor (unless you have some mad sewing skills yourself).

We know that it may tempting to cut the leg-length on mid-thigh garments (like our Gimme Hips or Bonded Body) when the shaper is just a little too long for your favorite dress/skirt. But keep in mind that there is a stitch at the end of the seam. If that seam is snipped off, the stitching may unravel over time. But as mentioned above, a professional can help with that.

PADS: No Bubbles Pads should be cut or altered in any way. Puncturing or cutting will compromise the shape and integrity of the pads' materials. Silicone is especially vunerable - if punctured they will be permanently ruined.

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