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What's the difference between your Padded Panties, Butt Bras and Butt Lifters?




Our Padded Panties add volume using padding on the butt and/or hips. Our Butt Bras lift the rear-end with oomph for a very perky, lifted profile. No padding. Our Butt Lifters lift the rear-end subtly for a youthful, shapely profile. No padding.
Panties that feature Bubbles' built-in or removable padding. Panties designed with holes in the back that lift the backside. Cheeks are bare. Panties designed with targeted compression to lift the backside. Cheeks are covered.
Includes all our padded underwear styles. Includes our Double-O®'s and our Bum Lifting Bands. A collection invented by Bubbles Bodywear. Includes our Rear Rescue™, BunHuggers™, Bella Bottom™, Pick-Me-Up and High-End® Collections.
Includes all our panties that have padding.

Choose from a large variety of booty pad thicknesses. Offered in several panty styles, silhouettes and control levels.

We are the inventors of the modern-day padded panty!

For padding without a panty, see our Sticky Collection.
Our Double-O's include our body shapers that have holes in the back that push the cheeks "up" and "out", creating a perky, lifted effect. Double-O's are available in a variety of body slimming levels.

Our Bum Lifting Bands are our first invention and patented product line. We call them a push-up bra for the butt™!
Similar to the Double-O's, our booty lifters lift the cheeks without padding. The difference is that all our Butt Lifters have a thin layer of fabric covering each cheek.

These shapers are also designed with targeted compression that creates support and lift.
Recommended for those who want the illusion of a bigger backside and/or hips, need to fill-out loose pants/shorts/skirts/dresses, have had signigicant weight loss, and/or have a droopy or flat booty. Recommended for those with a those with a small to bigger backside who want a lifted, perky look. Creates definition. Works by pushing-up your own assets. Not recommended for super-flat, droopy or saggy booty. Recommended for those who like the idea of a "push-up bra for the butt", but would feel more comfortable with coverage over the rear.
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