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Can I wear Bubbles' booty pads in my own underwear?

Bubbles offers two main types of padding methods:

  1. CAN be worn in your own underwear: Bubbles proudly offers our exclusive STICKY BUNS & STICKY HIPS Collections which can be worn in your own underwear or shapewear. Our STICKY Collections feature a self-adhesive layer on one side of the pads which stick to the inside of your underwear or outer garment (like snug-fitting jeans or pants). Our STICKY Collections include padding for the backside and/or the hips.

  2. CANNOT be worn in your own underwear: Many of our booty pads styles are designed to fit and be worn inside a Bubbles' pocket-panty. These pads MUST be worn inside a Bubbles' pocket-panty and are paired with their matching pocket-panty in our PADDED PANTIES Collection. These pads can also be purchased separately when replacement pads are needed for your Bubbles pocket panties.

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