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bubbles faq


What are the thinnest booty pads you make?

We offer more padding options that any shapewear company in the world today to ensure that we have the right boost for you. When customers ask which products will give a thin/moderate boost - nothing too dramatic - we recommend the following options:

  1. The Rio Padded Panty. We offer The Rio in a Thin and a Full thickness. For a light boost, choose the Thin style.

  2. These panty/pad sets ship with our thinnest pad set:

    Fancy Fanny Padded Boyshort

    Foxy Fanny Foam in Lace

  3. All styles listed below are panty/pad sets that ship with a thin foam pad set:

    Can-Can Padded Panty

    I Heart Curves Padded Short

    Retro Diamond Highrise Padded Panty

    Retro Lace-Waist Padded Panty

    Retro Satin Padded Brief

    BubbleBuns Padded Boyshort

    BubbleBuns Padded Bikini Panty

    Bootiful Padded Panty

    Curves Behind! Padded Half-Slip

    Curves Behind! Padded Full-Slip

    Victorian Padded Bodysuit

    Perfect Padded Panty

    Insta-Booty Box Set

    As you can see from the list above, many of our panty/pads sets (panties with removable pads) ship with thin pads. That means that we have lots of options for customers who want lightly padded undies. So if you need more advice after reading this FAQ, please contact us.
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