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Why didn't my coupon code work?

If you received your coupon code directly from Love My Bubbles (like via one of our emails or a social media post), but it doesn't work, it may be because:
  1. The coupon code is only valid for one-time use, and you have already applied it to a previous order.
  2. The coupon code has expired. If this is the case, an error message will indicate "Code Expired".


  1. For up-to-date Love My Bubbles coupon codes, please bookmark our Coupons page and sign up for our email list.
  2. Special coupon news alert: 3rd-party coupon websites are posting coupon codes that we may have announced on our website at one time in the past, or in exclusive customer-only emails. We are not affiliated with any coupon website. Coupon codes found online may be invalid or expired (and we are unable to honor expired, invalid or other companies' coupons).
  3. Our coupon codes are not case-sensitive (example: coupon, Coupon or COUPON would all work). Here's an FAQ showing where to enter a coupon code on our website.
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