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bubbles faq


Can I buy booty pads without the pocket-panties?

Yes! Most of our padding can be purchased separately for the convenience of our customers who have already purchased Bubbles pocket-panties and need replacements or want to try different padding options.

Please visit our "Booty and Hip Pads" page for all available options.


Please note that not all panties work well with all pads. Please check each individual pad product page for a list of recommended panty styles. Some things to consider before buying Replacement Pads:

  • Will the pad fit inside the pad-pocket of my pocket-panty?
  • Will my pocket-panty support the pad's shape/size/weight
  • If you do not have one of our pocket-panties, we strongly suggest purchasing a Panty/Pad Set (because we've already done all the work by matching panties with pads that fit together best).

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