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Bubbles' 2X and up

by Bubbles®

Bubbles Bodywear is always working to give our valued full-figured customers more options from our booty-boosting collections. Check back often for added sizes and styles!

Padded Underwear

Silicone Padded Panty
♡ Silicone Padded Panties
✔ Up to 5XL
★ Bestselling Padded
Retro Lace Waist Padded Panty
♡ Mid Waist Padded Panty
✔ Up to 5XL
Silicone Padded Panty
♡ Silicone Padded LACE Panty
✔ Up to 5XL
Affordable Foam Padded Panty
♡ Foam Lace Padded Panty
✔ Up to 5XL
Retro Diamond Hirise Padded Panty
♡ High rise Padded Panty
✔ Up to 4XL
Midrise Padded Panty
♡ Molded Padded Panties
✔ Up to 3XL

★ Bestselling Padded
Padded Hip Panty
♡ Hip and Butt Padded Panty
✔ Up to 3XL

★ Bestselling Padded
Lowrise Padded Boyshorts
♡ Lowrise Padded Panty
✔ Up to 2XL
Half Slip Padded Body Shaper
♡ Firm Control Padded Slip Shaper

Slip Dress Padded Body Shaper
♡ Firm Control Padded Dress Shaper

Victorian Padded Bodysuit Panties
♡ Highwaist Padded Panty
padding Silicone Hip Butt Pads Underwear
♡ Strong Control Hip/Butt Padded Shaper
✔ Silicone Hip & Rear Pads
Hip booster!

Padded When Paired with our STICKY Pads Collection

Highwaist Control Panty ✔ Up to 4XL

Butt Lifters & Booty Bras

Butt Lifter
♡ Booty Bra
✔ Up to 4XL
★ Bestselling Booty Bra
Latex Compression Boxer Brief
Maximum Booty Lift
Max Control
★ Bestselling Lifter
Butt-Lifting Bodysuit
Highwaist Butt Shaper
Strong Control

Non-Padded Shapers

Highwaist Control Panty
Diamond Highrise Panty
Moderate Control
✔ Up to 4XL
#SlowFashion. We make clothing that lasts.