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When do I wear Bubbles Booster Bands?
Whenever you like! Bubbles are most effective when worn under fitted, tailored pants or jeans but will also improve profiles under skirts, dresses and longer shorts.

What other lingerie goes with Bubbles?
Bubbles are best complimented by g-strings, thongs, boy shorts or nothing at all! For a sleek profile, avoid wearing full coverage underwear with Bubbles.

How do they work?
Bubbles pushes your tush from below. Specially woven stay-up bands provide comfortable support below each butt cheek using a combination of silicone, slight compression and vertical support.

How do I wear Bubbles?
Visit the Bubbles Best Fit Guide for directions and tips on how to wear Bubbles.

What style is best for me?
  • Bubbles Bands are best suited for women with slender or toned thighs who do not want shaping around the leg. This style simply provides the derriere definition you need.

  • Bubbles ThighShapers are best suited for women who want to smooth out the thigh area in addition to "perkifying" the profile.

  • Bubbles Capris extend down to the mid-calf and is best suited for women who want a smoothing effect down the leg in addition to derriere definition.

What size am I for the Butt Boosters?
Your weight and height just barely put you in the size C range but since you have thin thighs I would recommend a size B.

I am 5'0 and weigh 122 lbs. with thin thighs. What size should I get?
Click here to view our size charts.

Can I return or exchange my Bubbles?
Yes! Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return or exchange your item. Bubbles boasts a very low 6% return rate while the average for online retailers is 18-35% (that means it really works)! Our full return and exchange policy and directions for doing so are listed on our Shipping and Returns page.

Who's wearing Bubbles?
Bubbles Bands are best suited for teens and women who have a small or flat behind. And when jeans tend to get saggy, insulting the true profile of a nice behind - Bubbles fixes the woes of these women as well.

Bubbles is also great for women who want or need shaping in the leg area without having to wear bulky pantyhose, shapewear or girdles.

We've also found that Bubbles is popular with particular industries and professionals such as:
  • Stylists
  • Models
  • Stage performers
  • Pageant contestants
  • Creative production such as television, theater and movie wardrobe departments
  • Anyone in the media
Notice a pattern? Bubbles is great for anyone looking for tips and tricks that will help them always look their best!

What makes Bubbles so unique?
Bubbles use your own assets to create a beautiful and sexy silhouette. No jock-strap contraptions, padding, girdles or "granny" underwear here! And there are no straps or material up around the hips or waist to interfere with low-rise bottoms or tight-fitting sexy fashions.

Bubbles are also designed to disappear under even the tightest or slinkiest outfit. The only thing people will notice is your well-defined derriere!

My leg itches when I wear my Bubbles. Why?
A small percentage of women experience an allergic reaction to the silicon found in the stay-up thigh-high bands used throughout the hosiery industry. Bubbles uses this same type of silicone.

If a rash develops or you experience any discomfort while wearing Bubbles, discontinue use immediately.

Will they squeeze my leg?
Bubbles works by creating a division between the butt and thigh, but not by squeezing the thigh. It is our special combination of fabrics and design that keep the Bubbles in place on the leg, not tightness or squeezing.

Where can I buy Bubbles?
Check out our "Stores" page for a list of boutiques in your area.

I got a Duplicate Transaction message when I tried to place my order.
This message occurs during checkout, after a shopper uses the back button to correct and then re-submit billing information within a 15 minute time period.

This usually happens after incorrect billing information is entered and the first order attempt is rejected. The second order attempt will be viewed as a "fraudulent" "Duplicate Transaction" by the authorizing credit card company.

Try again in about 30 minutes and the second order attempt should go through successfully (we also recommend that you close and reopen your browser window).
  • NOTE: If your first order fails and you get this message, your credit card was NOT charged and we did not receive an order from you.

  • NOTE: If you used a debit card or check card, please be aware that most banks will hold the "authorized" funds (counting against your balance until the authorization clears) even if your order was rejected by our security measures. Please be aware that you must email us to request a release of authorized funds. We cannot be responsible for the policies of your banking institution regarding the holding of authorized funds. Note that "authorization" reserves funds for varying periods, depending on the issuing credit card company's policy. The period may be as little as three days or as long as several months.

Can I pay with a check or money order?
Yes. We understand that not everyone wants to use their credit card for online purchases. To order "off-line" using a check or money order, please print and mail our internet order form along with your payment. Mailing and payment directions are on the form. Please do not send cash. Orders payed by check or money order are eligible for exchange only.

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