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    How the Booty Booster Bands Collection Boosts Your Bottom...

  • Bubbles' patent-pending design takes whatever you've got between your butt cheek and upper thigh and pushes it up into the butt area. This helps to fill out jeans or any snug-fitting pants, skirts or shorts.

  • Bubbles is most effective when worn with tight-fitting jeans or pants. A "pop" or a roundness is created out of an otherwise flat behind.

  • Our "no roll" band is engineered for comfort, strength, support and hold.

  • Bubbles is designed to support the thigh & butt cheek without uncomfortable squeezing.

  • A special combination of fabrics provide upward push for your tush.

  • Silicone provides all-night anti-gravity control for a no-slip comfort fit.

  • How Bubbles Butt Boosters are different...

  • Bubbles is comfortable! Many who have not tried them seem skeptical - but only until they try them on. They feel just like thigh-highs.

  • Bubbles is goofy padded underwear or silly belted contraptions here..oh no! Bubbles is not your granny's underwear!

  • Bubbles can be worn with clingy, tight fashions and the lowest of low-rise jeans without showing.

  • Bubbles helps women feel confident in jeans that they don’t fill-out and that may “sag” in the back.

  • Bubbles' quality is unsurpassable, made with European fabrics and assembled in the USA.

  • We have worked hard to be able to offer a highly-effective, high-quality product at an affordable price.