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Now that you have your Bubbles, how do you wear them? It's pretty easy, but there are a few tips and tricks to ensure the best fit.

How do I wear my Bubbles Butt Boosters?

  1. Simply pull a band up to the base of each cheek.

  2. Bubbles are meant to be worn approximately one inch below the "crotch".

  3. Position the seams on the inner thigh to avoid visibility.

  4. Make sure that the end that has the silicone closest to the edge is the top of the Band.

  5. If worn too high the band may fold down and over itself. Pulling the Bands higher will not make them more effective. In fact, this may be uncomfortable and the Bands may not work the way they should.

  6. Put your sexiest jeans or pants on and check yourself out in the mirror.

  7. Experiment to find the position that is most comfortable and flattering for you.

  8. Hit the town. Go pick up some fries for that new and improved shake.

Video about how to put it on