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Baby Got Feedback Continued...

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[Caboost!] This is my first time wearing a padded panties and i love it love it love it. I was pleasantly surprise how good its looks and feels, when i put it on my husband notice my butt right away and come over to touch them and could not tell the different, and he don't know that i am wearing a padded panties. i am very happy with your products, i am getting ready to order some more. The shipping was real good, i received it 2 days later. Thanks Bubbles.

-Rosemarie, GA
[BubbleBuns] Firstly, I would like to say, "THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR BEING BUBBLES! I have so much confidence now after purchasing your padded boyshorts. I wear them EVERY DAY and my husband thinks I'm obsessed....I am! Thanks again!"

...Stephanie, NC
Thank you very much. I received my package and I am very pleased with the product. Very good service and very nice representative.

...L.F., CA
Awesome - thanks for the stellar service, as always! And let me add, I really appreciate your taking the time to make sure it was packed and shipped so quickly - that's definitely going "above and beyond!"

...Lisa, FL
I just recieved my order thank you i tried it on a i freaking love it...

-Chemia, PA
Customer Review Letter
Five Star Rating Oh my god I love this product! I live in the UK and I have searched the country for something like this for as long as i can remember as i am sick of my very boyish lower body. I was worried about ordering from abroad and though I would have to wait a considerable time for the product to be delivered but I ordered on the Monday night and it was at my door on the Thursday!!! Brilliant. Great product - fits a beaut and great customer service. Will definitely be coming back and telling my friends.

-Steph, UK
I just recieved my bubbles today. I wasn't blessed with a booty at all, and it was always something i was very self conscious about. I always thought in order to have a booty I'd have to undergo surgery! Until I came across the bubbles website. My husband and I were quite hesitant in me purchasing something we'd never heard of before, but thought that it was worth the risk if it gave me what I always wanted! Boy did bubbles deliver the goods!!! I have the bubble butt I always wanted! I've had them for 15 minutes and tried on every pair of pants, shorts and skirts I own! I can't wait till my husband gets home!! This weekend will be so much fun going out and shaking what my mama NEVER gave me, but what bubbles did! Thankyou so much, please dont stop making these. I'll definatly be a loyal customer!

-Natalie, AU

...R. R., AZ

-Adrienne, TX
Customer Review Letter
Dear Bubbles, A notice was not in my mailbox. I called the Post Office. I picked up my package. I would like to say that I am incredibly impressed with your customer service. You responded quickly and professionally, plus I received a very polite, friendly phone call. Your care for customers is almost unparalleled and I am sincerely grateful. Unfortunately most companies tend to be rather unhelpful and rude. I will definitely shop with you again and will recommend you to anyone who asks. Feel free to use this email in your reviews, should you wish to do so. Many thanks, Sylvia

-Sylvia S, ND
I just got my product today the Double-O panty and I absolutely LOVE it.I think I just about tried on every article of clothing in my closet and they all look great. I was in the process of getting my paper work started for butt augmentation that would cost $6,500. The procedure was scheduled for next month. I decided before I went to the extreme I would try to find something more cost effective to enhance my buttocks and I did! I have already canceled my appt. You can't beat the price $48 vs $6500. You do the math!

-Chrissy, NY
I ordered the "sticky buns" on 3/10 in the afternoon. It is 3/12, a bit past noon and I am already wearing them...You guys are great. I cannot believe how quickly you ship...THANKS!!

-D.F., NJ
[Bootiful Boyshorts] I just recieved my order of Bubbles panties and can I just tell you - it is amazing! I've only tried one other brand years ago and it was so ridiculous! When I told my girlfriend that I had ordered a pair she laughed and thought I was insane and then when they came, she tried it on and now wants one for herself!

-Leigh, GA
Hi! I don't know how you did it, but my purchase arrived in the mail today. Now that is incredibly FAST service! I definitely will be shopping with you again real soon. Thanks again.

-Wendy, FL
[Foxy Fanny] I recently ordered the foxy fanny what a great product. It's real feeling and the best I've seen yet...

[BubbleBuns] Well hellooo fabulous boot-ay! Thanks to the padded boyshorts I finally have a curvy pattoottee! I was impressed with your website (found you by chance), was pleased with the shipment time and packaging and even more impressed with my new purchase! I'm so glad I took the chance on making an order and am thrilled with my new padded boyshorts - they were well worth it. I can finally look good in a pencil skirt and my fitted jeans cause there is something to fill it out. Thank you Love My Bubbles! I will definitely recommend you to my flat-bottomed friends!

-Rhonda, TX
[Foxy Fanny] I have been ordering padded panties for a while, it has been humbling and they do not last. The padding crumble up and very embarrasing. With my Bubbles products I am so satisfied, and I don't have to work hard for my money. (smile) They are great since I have found the correct one for me. The Foxy Fanny Silicone Panty it's the bomb. Keep up the good work. We are very much in love with the panty.

-Carolyn, KS
My package arrived to New Zealand today. I wanted to send my thanks and also my guys, your customer service, efficiency and you as a company are outstanding - to receive this package in less than a week is superb and a credit to your commitment to outstanding service ..well that and keeping it 'all held in'...'pumped up' and looking fabulous.

-Kate, New Zealand
I just wanna say THANK YOU for the fast delivery of my order and the quality of your products! I wear featherweight silicone butt pads which feel so comfortable and give me a new self-confidence! Hugs from Germany!!

-Conny, Germany
Nous sommes très heureux d'apprendre que votre achat a été couronnée de succès. S'il vous plaît laissez-nous savoir quand vous avez besoin d'aide pour votre prochaine commande. Nous sommes toujours heureux de vous aider. Merci de magasiner chez nous!

-Colette, Netherlands
Thanks. Just for the record, I have ordered the "Cancan" and love it...Bubbles is great and be sure I'll return. df

-D.F., OH
[BubbleBuns] OMG! Why oh why did I not know about you guys before?? I got my BB Padded Boyshorts two days ago, and I cannot believe how it changed my look! I've never had a butt, and because of that I could never wear anything tight, and always tops to cover that area. All my jeans have to have back pockets with embellishments! LOL. I cannot believe what a difference it made. I ordered the extra thick 1" pad to add on the 1/2", and that was too much, so I only use the 1" pad. I spent over 45 minutes trying on almost every pair of pants/skirts/dresses I own, and can't believe the transformation. It looked so real - nothing questionable. Thank you so much!!

-K.H., TX
I want to thank you, Very fast shipping. I order the caboost lowrise padded panty and th'er great. I have no bottom but now I do with my caboost panty.

-C.W., NC
[Foxy Fanny] I feel like a women now! I come from a flat butt family.I lost weight(15lbs)and more of my bottom.I found you on line and I my favorites are the midrise padded panties with the silicone slip-in pads.Thank you!Thank you!I'be back for more.

-Doris, IN
[Foxy Fanny] I am writing to your president about my experience. I couldn't be happier. I am a cancer survivor of Stage IV Fibrosarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer which required me to have a buttock resection...basically removing the left buttock. I ordered a pair of underwear with silicone pads and my life changed. Thank you so much, Karen Jones, for creating this product...

I also sent you a written letter yesterday through regular mail. I am truly amazed that you take the time to personally read the comments on your website! You are an amazing woman and a tribute to all woman-owned businesses...actually, all businesses! I don't know of any other corporation that would respond so quickly and be so generous. Thank you have a loyal customer in me!

-Sandy, CA
I know with the recession most businesses have closed but I pray you guys do not go out of business, and I also hope you begin to distribute your brand in stores located in Houston, TX.

-Cheyneen, TX
I am at a loss for words to express how I feel after wearing the padded boyshorts. I had lost a lot of weight (about 10 to 12 kgs in the last 10 months) and along with it had lost the little that I had behind. Surfing for options on the internet, I accidentally hit your website. I was pretty impressed with the reviews it had on the padded boyshorts. Being in India was a challenge to place the order and get the delivery. Thanks to my SIL in Florida, who received it and mailed it to me in Bangalore, India. I have been receiving compliments over compliments on my figure. I smile to myself and keep thinking that this is probably the best investment I have made in years to boost my body image. Thanks bubbles!! and thank you guys who thought about this!!

I love your products and appreciate the great customer service. Thanks again.

...T.M., Virginia
I am trying to lose weight and I have NO BUTT. I am in a wedding and required to wear a pencil skirt, so I searched high and low for padded panties to round my 'J' shaped rear. I went to a famous lingerie boutique in Hollywood and left empty handed. I searched the stores for weeks and then the internet and found your site. I was skeptical until I read the testimonials, I could relate to some of them. I decided to purchase the padded boy shorts (and the extra thick pads)... I LOVE THEM!!!!! Oh my goodness, BABY GOT BACK!! I didn't try them on immediately, but when I did, I tried on some fitting clothing and was ready to take on the cat walk, with confidence! I LOVE MY BUBBLES, thanks for a great product and you have a return customer. No injections or surgery for me.

...K.C., Atlanta, GA
I’m very impressed with your service. Your prompt, thorough, and courteous replies are a reflection of your professionalism. I can see why your company is a success.

...Helen, Canada
I inherited the family flat rear, and recently lost weight - and the rear got even flatter! So when I tried the Bubbles Butt Boosters, I was THRILLED to have a hot rear for the first time in my life! I saw a friend that I had not seen in several years, and he said, "What happened to YOU?" I said coyly, "I've been running a lot - I guess that did it!" I'm hooked!

...Mary Anne, Alabama
Wow!! What great customer service.

...Winzree, New Jersey
This is the most FABULOUS product I have ever purchased. I was not blessed with a fab butt. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! My sister is now ordering them too (the Low Rise Caboost panty)! Please, please never quit making these - I have a pair for every day of the week!!!

...-Natalie, Alabama
I love my new padded panty! I tried the Boom panty with the molded pads and they felt weird and the underwear was uncomfortable so I tried your pads and they are so great. will buy more.

...Jennifer, USA
Hi there. My bubbles [ThighShaper] butt lifter arrived today. I looked at it and was not impressed. I tried it on and looked in the mirror and was not impressed. Then I tried on my jeans and WOW. Great bum now. I love it. Looks best with form fitting pans. I'm almost 50 and my bum looks 20. Thanks.

...Kathleen, Washington
You have done it again! The double O panty is the bomb!! Guys wait for me to walk past and when I do, they always say "Da#@*"!!!!!

...Miesha, OH
Received item today. What an efficient service! Delighted with the product, which fits perfectly. Would highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you.

-Doreen, UK
Thank you. I love your product and told two of my friends and they ordered their boyshorts as well. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

...R.M., U.K.
[BubbleBuns] I just wanted to say thank you...I absolutely love it! so satisfied with the support you give to your customers! I will definitely tell all of my friends and family about your products and hope to buy more from you in the future! Thank you again for all your help and I really do appreciate giving your time and patience.

...J.M., CA
Thanks so much; you have been a pleasurable company to shop with...

...Margaret, TX
You have been very kind in keeping me updated on the status and I will continue to do business with you...

-Rhonda, OK
...I value your excellent customer service.

...Michelle, KY
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