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Butt Enhancing Pads

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Polygon Foam Booty Pads

Replacement foam butt pads

$ 20.00
These very special polygon-shaped booty pads are yet another Bubbles exclusive. Developed for our Hotcakes, Bootiful and Pin-up lowrise pocket-panties, these wide booty pads give a beautifully realistic, full boost across each cheek.

NOTE: Make sure to pair them with one of our Bubbles® pocket-panties listed above for a proper fit. These special wide pads only fit in a few select styles.

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Size Chart
XS/S 6.125 5.875 .5
Medium 6.5 6.375 .75
Large 7 6.875 .875
XL/2XL 7.5 7.25 1.125

    Sizing Tips & More...

  • *Due to variances created during the manufacturing process of foam and silicone padding, all references to thickness, boost, width or height of our pads are approximate.
  • These pads have been designed for our Hotcakes and Bootiful Panty/Pad Sets and are offered here as replacement pads. These can not be worn in your own undies/shapewear as they may not stay in place or fit as intended.
  • Please choose size based on the "Recommended w/Panty Size" column above.
  • Pads' dimensions increase as panty size increases for a proportional boost.
  • To create a custom mix-and-match set of your own, choose a compatible pocket-panty from the "Fits well in these Bubbles Pocket-Panties..." section below.
  • Boost Level can be subjective - some will find this boost to be moderate, some fuller.
  • Product Code: 9511
  • Available Colors: Nude, Black
  • Package contains 1 pair (or 2 pads per order, 1 for each cheek)
  • Designed & Made by Love My Bubbles®
  • If pads need cleaning, we recommend the hand washing method to extend the life of the pad.
  • Hand washing method: Submerge pads in a sink/tub of warm water and a couple drops of detergent. Gently squeeze soapy water through. Rinse thoroughly. Lay flat to dry.
  • Alternatively, foam pads can be laundered in a washing machine as follows: Put in a protective wash bag, wash in cold or warm water setting. Remove immediately and lay flat to dry.

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