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Overstock, Sales & Clearance

Save on Bubbles for you - or for your bestie, favorite bridezilla, daughter - or even for your mom or dad! We've marked down more items than ever before as we become laser-focused on what we do best: curve-enhancing shapewear.


Bra Accessories

Nipple Covers
♡ Overstock Sale
padding Nipple Petals
♡ Clearance Style
padding Nipple Covers
♡ Seasonal Deal Blowout

Styles with Padding

Padded Dress Slip
♡ Clearance Style
padding Padded Dress Slip
♡ Clearance Style
padding Sheer Padded Panty
♡ Lightweight & Sheer Padded Panties
♡ Clearance Style
Perfect Padded Panty
♡ Midwaist Padded Panties
♡ Clearance Style
padding Victorian Padded Bodysuit
♡ Color Clearance
padding Lowrise Padded Panties
Discounted Color
Self-Adhesive Booty Pads
♡ Flat rate - All sizes
padding padding padding

Replacement Pads & Pocket Panties

Lite Silicone Polygon Pads
Polygon Lite Silicone Pads
❤ Lite Silicone
✔ Polygon Shape
↻ Replacement Padding
padding Lowrise Pocket Panty
padding Hipee Pocket Panty
The Hipee Pocket-Panty
Hip-to-Butt Pocket Panty
♡ Clearance Size
Girdle Pocket Panty
The Perfect Pocket Panty
Girdle Pocket Panty
➔ Wide Pad Pockets
♡ Clearance Style
padding Pocket Panty
Pin-up Boyshort
Big Pad Pockets
♡ Discontinued Style
♡ Clearance Style
padding Midrise Pocket Panty
♡ Discontinued Style
Padded Silicone Panty
✔ Mid-thigh Control POCKET-PANTY
♡ XL & 2XL COLOR Overstock Sale
padding Midrise Pocket Panty
✔ Best-selling POCKET-PANTY
padding Dress Pocket Panty
✔ Curves Behind POCKET-PANTY
♡ Clearance Style
Pocket Panty
Behind The Seams Midrise Boxer
Midrise Pocket Panty
➔ Discontinued Style
padding Highwaist Butt Pads Replacement Panty
Behind the Seams Highwaist Boxer
Highrise Pocket Panty
➔ Discontinued Style

Waist Shapers, Butt Lifters & Non-Padded Undies

Footless Butt Lifter Tights
$15 Tights!
♡ Seasonal Deal
padding Smoothing Bodysuit
$20 Bodysuit!
♡ Seasonal Deal
padding Butt Lifter Legging
♡ Great deal on discontinued Color
Push-up Control Panty
Mid-thigh Butt Lifter
♡ Clearance Style
padding Booty Bra Capri
♡ Clearance
padding Butt Lift Powernet Bodysuit
♡ Color Clearance
Seamless Highwaist Thong
♡ Clearance
padding Waist Cincher
♡ Clearance Style
♡ Seasonal Deal Blowout

Shapewear for Men

Mens Slimming Tank Top
50% OFF
padding Mens Waist Eliminator
50% OFF
padding Mens Padded Trunk
Color Sale

Value Panty Packs

Get Your Panties in a Bunch
Insta Booty
5-Piece Panty/Pad Combo
padding padding
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