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Men's Smoothing Ribbed Tank

C4 spacer

Men's Smoothing Mid-Ribbed Pex Tank

Dual Compression

$ 58.00   Sale!  $29.00
A light/moderate control men's tank top that doesn't look or feel like shapewear! This dual-compression masculine tank provides waist compression only, designed to trim and slim only around the abdomen as the ribbing starts just below the "pex". The chest area of the tank provides light control and easy breathing.

This shaper is styled to look like a regular tank top. Anyone who sees you wearing it, won't know you're wearing shapewear...they'll just know you look great. Wear as an undershirt or by itself.

P.S. Women can wear this too!
Black swatch
Size Chart
Chest Waist
M/L 36 - 41 30 - 34
L/XL 42 - 46 35 - 39
XL/XXL 47 - 50 40 - 44
  • Product Code: 1002
  • 83% Microfiber Nylon, 17% Spandex
  • Machine Washable

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