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All About HIPS


Hourglass curves are all about the Hips! So on this page we've gathered our HIP BOOSTERS for a quick and easy way to view all our body shapers that pad the hips. Choose from Sticky Hips® (adhesive, removable pads that stick to your undies) or our Panty/Pads Sets (pocket-panties with removable butt-to-hip pads). Only Bubbles' offers a variety of hip pad shapes that vary from Hip-to-Butt™ and Oblong to "Africa-shaped", also offered in different materials like foam and silicone.


Shapewear with Removable Hip-to-Butt Pads

Padded Hip Panty
♡ Hip Padded Shapewear
✔ Foam Hip Pads
Hip Booster

padding Silicone Hip Butt Pads
♡ Strong Control Hip/Butt Padded Shaper
✔ Silicone Hip-to-Butt Pads
Hip Booster Panties
padding Padded Hip Panty
♡ Hip and Butt Padded Panty
✔ Foam Hip-to-Butt Pads
Hip Booster Panties
Padded Hip Butt Panties
♡ Hip/Butt Padded Boyshort
✔ Foam Hip-to-Butt Pads
Hip Booster Panties
padding padding


Sticky Hips® Adhesive Hip Pads

Silicone Hip Pads
♡ Oblong Hip Pads
✔ Sticks to Your Clothing
➔ Moderate/Subtle Boost
padding Self-Adhesive Booty Pads
♡ Elongated Hip Pads
✔ Sticks to Your Clothing
➔ Ultra-realistic boost
padding Foam Adhesive Hip Pads
♡ Elongated Hip Pads
✔ Sticks to Your Clothing
➔ Dramatic Boost

Why buy your hip pads from Bubbles Bodywear?

Designing and manufacturing innovative curve-boosting shapewear solutions is all we do, and we've been doing it since 2003. We offer a plethora of information to help you find the right solution for you - from videos, meters and customer reviews to very detailed photos of our shapers on real bodies (not mannequins). But if you want quick advice, our personal shopping experts are here to chat, email or talk and will hold your hand throughout the shopping process.

When you choose Bubbles, you choose the foremost experts on curve-enhancing underwear backed by our award winning customer service team. If you've called us you know...they're a bunch of really nice people! #TeamBubbles

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