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New York Magazine
August, 2008

Amy Odell at reviews our new Double-O Panty Collection. She says: "There's a void in the undergarment market, and Bubbles Bodywear has taken advantage of it: Meet the Double-O Push-Up Thong, an ass bra."

Perez Hilton
August, 2008

The words of the great Perez Hilton..."We've seen it all now! If your booty needs a lift, Bubbles Bodywear has just what you need!"

We've always loved you here at Bubbles and we're so excited that you wrote about us...Thanks Perez!

SheFinds Finds an "Ass Bra"
August, 2008

Popular fashion ezine and newsletter announces the debut of the Double-O Panty collection. Calling it the "Gravity-defying ass!" with which you can "Get that bubble butt you've always wanted."

The Weighting Game @ iVillage
May, 2008

Our friend Leslie Goldman discovered Bubbles when someone recommended us on one her iVillage blogs. We sent her some samples of our exclusive BubbleBuns Boyshorts and she loved them! Read her review here.
April, 2008

Bubbles Bodywear is proud to be included in StyleBakery's Bi-Annual Designers on the Rise directory! Designers on the Rise is StyleBakery's directory of favorite rising stars. StyleBakery style experts spend months compiling the hottest emerging designers to bring you the best of the best...and Bubbles is "IT"!

P.S. They love our padded undies and Veronica body slimmer!

BetterTV Padded Underwear BETTER.TV
March, 2008, the online video site from the publisher of Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies' Home Journal and Fitness Magazines recommends Bubbles for adding some pep to an otherwise plain posterior.

Trendhunter Padded Panties TrendHunter
December, 2007 is the world's the world's largest community dedicated to trend spotting & cool hunting. They loved BubbleBuns and our Caboost! Padded Panty so they just had to write about us!
October, 2007

Audrey Magazine's Bubbles article Audrey Magazine
February, 2007

The biggest Asian American women's magazine tests Bubbles with their readers and their...

"Reader Says: It pops out the lower quarter of your butt so you look like you have more down there, without the need to wear a whole girdle. It'd be good for those with a flat behind, but not for those who already have too much of a booty.
What We Like: Also comes in a thigh-shaper design to minimize that thigh bulge."
Skirt Magazine's Bubbles article Skirt Magazine
October, 2006

Skirt Magazine goes 24/7 with Bubbles owner and founder, Karen Jones. As the leading women's magazine in the south, Skirt is all about, food, fashion and serious social issues. We're a huge fan!
Teeze's Bubbles article Teeze Magazine
June, 2006

Teeze Magazine is a fun and sexy publication that caters to lingerie store and boutique owners. Recommended in their "New Products" section, Teeze is one of our newest fans!
New Beauty Magazine New Beauty Magazine
January, 2006

The best well-researched surgical and non-surgical beauty secrets abound in this well-designed magazine. And New Beauty lists Bubbles Butt Boosters as the best non-surgical way to boost your bottom!
TJ Reid TJ Reid Retail Newsletter Ranks Bubbles in their "TOP 10"
October, 2005

Famous retail author, consultant, speaker and retailer, TJ Reid is one of America's most popular speakers on the topic of retail business.

The October edition of her subscription-only newsletter ranks Bubbles as one of their TOP 10 must-have items...and we couldn't agree more!
BUST's Bubbles article BUST Magazine
August/September, 2005

BUST Magazine is one of the edgiest and most clever women's magazines on the rack today. And in their August/September issue, BUST's Ivanna Neisass (who "was pleased to see my flesh scoot north, creating a faux badunkadunk in my once-sagging denim") reviews Bubbles.

Click here to read more.
Vanity Fair Vanity Fair Italy
June, 2005

Vanity Fair Italy, in their special June fashion issue, introduces Bubbles to the tush-challenged women of Italy! Can you translate?

"Sarà per la crescente popolarità di lingerie e costumi da bagno, sarà perché il modello estetico è finalmente la curva 'latina' di Jennifer Lopez e Beyoncé: sta di fatto che la nuova ossessione femminile (e non solo) è un sedere pieno e sodo. Quando non bastano più gli stratagemmi come i BUBBLES (guaine effetto push-up, invisibili sotto i jeans,, non resta che rivolgersi al chirurgo, (...)" Vanity Fair, June 2005
May, 2005

Michelle, the owner and creator of SheFinds is a self-pronounced booty-full female. But she tried Bubbles for this unsolicited review for her customers. Well, it made her bootiful booty almost obscene! She went in a doubting thomas and popped up a true believer!

May, 2005

"Lets face it, when you live somewhere like South Florida, there's pressure to have a perfect body. But what can you do when you're not born with the ideal figure? ...we may have the answer..."

Watch Full Review

Intro, Amy and Evelyn, Friends React

Social Diva
Social Diva
May, 2005

Designed to help fellow Divas discover the best Miami has to offer, Social Diva™ also hosts her own events. Sign up for SD's Miami emails for updates on fabulous things to do in and around Miami!

WJXT News4Jax
May, 2005

Local Jacksonville station WJXT features Bubbles in their "Perk Up" theme week.

Alice 107.7
Alice 107.7
February, 2005

Alice 107.7 in Little Rock, Arkansas had a contest to find the flattest booty among their listeners. And the listeners sent in their cheek-challenged pics! This Bubbles event was a hoot!

Ned and Shell
Ned and Shell's Weekly Dose
December, 2004

nedandshell inc showcases emerging women designers and their products in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle markets, and give women everywhere access to these fantastic finds.

Clear Channel Clips
Clear Channel in L.A.
November, 2004

Clear Channel and L.A. icon Charlie Tuna includes Bubbles in their "Big Idea" weekly segment.

  • Bubbles on The Big Idea (MP3)  
  • FOX Affiliates FOX Affiliates
    Fall 2004

    Since the FOX 5 NY broadcasts Bubbles has been shed quite a bit of media attention from other FOX affiliates...and we thank you! Affiliates include FOX stations in New York, Cleveland, Phoenix and Detroit.'re our IDOL!
    New York article FOX 5 New York
    October, 2004

    FOX 5 NY visited Bella Dawn Boutique to check out Bubbles and to see what the buzz is all about. Check back soon to view a clip of of the segment. (P.S. Bubbles Loves NY!)
    DailyCandy article
    September, 2004

    Baby Get Back
    "Bubbles, a fascinating butt-boosting product, aims to restore your tush to its former glory (or to heights previously unscaled)."
    Portland Picks
    September, 2004

    Portland's version of DailyCandy!
    "Thanks to the likes of J. Lo, we've moved on from ta-tas to tush. Butts are back. They are even dedicating swanky fitness classes in New York to chiseling that perfect butt. But (no pun intended), who has time for that?"
    Calgary Herald
    September, 2004

    Butt-lifting news
    "For most of us, that bootylicious backend has started heading south..."
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