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Removable Padding for Front and Back

Jackpot! Padded Underwear

Men's Padded Boxer Brief

$ 39.00
Ding Ding Ding! You'll know you've hit the JACKPOT! when you don this very masculine and comfortable enhancing brief. The Jackpot! will cure the flat-physique syndrome for any man who might need a shape, size or confidence boost.

The secret of this padded underwear for men is its hidden pad pockets in the front and back of the brief, which hide the removable pads perfectly. Wear the back pads only, the front pad only, or wear all the pads at the same time for a robust profile. With its silky fabric, sleek styling and choice of padding types, possibilities abound for any man who wants to round-out their profile with sophistication and masculinity.

With this exclusive patent-pending design, you'll feel like the million bucks you didn't win on your last trip to Vegas!

Caution: Wearer may experience grabbing! But don't worry...silicone pads may be added to your order (below). Silicone provides a more realistic feel for grabbers or slappers who may be coming in contact with your new rear-gear.

Ships with one pair of removable foam butt pads. Optional Lite Silicone Pad Set, Super-light Thick Foam Pads and/or Front Foam Pad may be added below. Exclusively ours.
Jackpot! Brief/Pad Set

Add Thick Foam Pad Set (optional):explain

Add "Lite" Silicone Pads (optional):explain

Add Front Foam Pad (optional):

Size Chart
Small 28" - 30"
Medium 32" - 34"
Large 36" - 38"
X-Large 40" - 42"

Pad Size Chart
Thickness Width (Diameter)
Regular XS/S 1/4" thick 5" wide
Regular M/L 1/2" thick 6" wide
Regular XL/XXL 3/4" thick 7" wide
Thick XS/S 1" thick 5" wide
Thick M/L 2" thick 6" wide
Thick XL/XXL 3" thick 7" wide
  • Product Code: MJACK-B
  • Available Colors: Black
  • 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
  • Machine Wash, like colors.

Baby Got Feedback...
I think the Jackpot is one of the best things I ever bought. I got the biggest sized butt pads and the front pad. Both are comfortable and enhancing. At last I have a butt after all these years. I look so much better in all my pants and jeans. The fabric is very soft. I have just ordered another set. Thank you!
Just received my pair of the The Jackpot! and I am very impressed! I already have a lean, muscular physique but just wanted some extra "enhancement" in the buttocks and I got it! I ordered both the silicone and the foam pads. If you are new to the site like I was, I'd suggest getting the medium sized thickness in the foam pads as it is "middle of the road" in size and adds a nice lift.

Also, I checked the free front pad when I ordered. I didn't really need it but figured, try it anyway and I'm so glad I did. It actually provides a nice balance and fullness all around. The silicone pads are even more impressive. They are firm and provide a nice shape to the buttocks.

As for the actual brief, very form fitting and soft. The stretchy material emphasizes the male physique and enhances the natural curvature of a man's buttocks. Believe me, no one can tell the difference.

If you are a man and are browsing this site, definitely consider at least trying a pair. There is nothing wrong with enhancing what Mother Nature did or did not give you! It's also amazing at how your self-confidence soars by just wearing these undergarments. Like I said, I have a wonderful body and a great "package" but The Jackpot! really lives up to its name and there is no shame in me wearing them!
I am over 65 and born with a flat butt which has gotten flatter as the years went by. Sitting on hard chairs for short periods or any chair for long periods is outright painful The padded underwear is a fantastic relief. After an hour in the gym, my ass hurt worse than my muscles -- perfect solution not to mention the better appearance in jeans, shorts etc. I use the full size pads. I wear the front pad most of the time for compart not for show! The medium is tight and there is not much room in the front. The pad helps here A pouch style would help. The bathing suit was too much pad for my age and shape--sent it back
I am a man born with no butt, nothing just flat behind. I have always been teased about it. So yes I am self conscious about it. Now I have a butt and the confidence it has given me is just incredible. The service was great and fast, the jackpots are comfortable. I bought 2 and am now going to buy more. No one has grabbed my but yet but the first night I wore them 2 ladies came to me and started conversations and i went home with 2 sets of numbers. Was it the butt? Or was it the self confidence that I had that did it. I think both played a part. Today is only my 3rd day with them but I am online to buy more. I am so happy I decided to come out of my shell and just buy them and I think you will be happy too, Thanks and enjoy yours.
As a cowboy I ordered the underwear with a large degree of doubt that I would actually feel the results I was looking for, a smoother ride in the saddle. Man was I wrong, they are so comfortable. There will never be another pair of Wranglers I will wear without wearing the Jackpot underwear underneath they are that good. Best thing for anyone spending time in a saddle!