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Beauty & Gifts

from Bubbles®

A collection of unique gift ideas, lingerie accessories and nifty Bubbles logo gear. Our printed, designer, super-unique tights are a favorite fashion accessory here at Bubbles Bodywear! And don't forget Bubbles' highly-recommended delicate lingerie wash...the best we've ever found, and perfect for extending the life of your Bubbles Bodywear!

Lingerie Wash Bag
Deluxe Rectangle Wash Bag
Protect All Your Delicates
Delicates Wash Bag
Deluxe Round Wash Bag
Perfect for Bras
Stretch Lace Bandeau
Cleavage Covers
Stretch Lace
Hollywood Dress Shields
Delicate Lingerie Soap
No Rinse Wash
Travel Laundry Set
Eucalan Travel Pack
On-The-Go Kit
Webbed Textured Tights
Footless Webbed

Footless Foral Tights
Athena Tights
Floral Printed Tights
Marsilla Tights
Plaid Multi Colored Printed Tights
City Slicker Tights
Florida Floral Printed Tights
Footless Florida Tropical
Printed Striped Tights
Striped Tights
Gold Studded Printed Tights
Studded Plus-Size Tights
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