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Foam Triangle Bra Pads
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Boobles! Foam Triangle Bra Pads

Lightweight Swimsuit & Bra Inserts

$ 14.00 - 16.00
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Bubbles® Triangle-shaped foam push-up pads add instant curves to bras and swimsuits! Water-resistant and "Somersault tested" in the pool by the Bubbles Girls, these bra-top inserts are perfect for triangle-top bras, bikini tops and one-piece bathing suits. Lightweight, super-soft and because they are made of cotton and foam, you can pin them into place in your bra or swimsuit for added security in the water.

Simply slip them into your bra or swim top to add natural looking curves and cleavage. Comfortable, soft and made from high-quality materials.

Sizing tip! Sizing is based on average bra cup, but you may size up if you want a bigger boost, or size down if you want a more subtle boost.

New, more eco-friendly packaging: Your Boobles Triangle Foam Bra Pads will now arrive in a protective foil bag (no more vinyl packaging). Better for the environment because this new design eliminates the use of vinyl. Plus, our new lightweight packaging takes up less space in delivery trucks and warehouses resulting in less energy consumption throughout the supply chain, all the way from our factory to your bra.
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Size Chart*
A/B 4.25 4.25 .75
B/C 4.5 4.75 1
All measurements are listed in inches.

    Sizing Tips & More...

  • *Due to variances created during the manufacturing process of foam and silicone padding, all references to thickness, boost, width or height are approximate.
  • If you're an A or B cup, size up to B/C for a bigger boost.
  • Product Code: 1030
  • Available Colors: Nude
  • Available Sizes: A/B, B/C
  • Package contains 1 pair of pads
  • Designed & Made by Love My Bubbles®
  • Hand wash by submerging in a sink/tub of cool-warm water and a few drops of detergent. Gently squeeze soapy water through. Rinse thoroughly. Lay flat to dry.

Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Five Star Rating
Have shopped with LoveMyBubbles a few times now.. ended up liking most of their products, wish the site had more pictures of stuff... but other than that pretty good all around shopping experience.

- , NC (Size: AB)
Five Star Rating
Had breast enhancement surgery back in the early 90's, saline kind, one of them leaked as its old. I ordered inserts for my bra and they even me out now, great product! Now i'm even again! LOL

- , VA (Size: BC)
Five Star Rating
I love my order thank you!

- , MD (Size: AB)
Five Star Rating
I liked the quality of the product when I received it. Thank you!!!

- , VA (Size: BC)

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