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bubbles faq


What If There is a Problem with my Order's Delivery?


So that we have the required and timely information required to investigate delivery problems, please contact us to report any problems within 5 days of the scanned delivery date or within 10 days of the delivery window stated on our website.

Packages Scanned Delivered: We will file a claim on a package on your behalf if the item is marked delivered and you are reporting to us that you have not received it. Before contacting us to file a claim, check all exterior doors and other locations where the package could have been left by the carrier (porch, back patio, garage, back yard, apartment complex office). Also check with other household members or neighbors who might have retrieved the package. When a package shown as delivered is missing, it's often because a family member or neighbor received it on the customer's behalf and forgot to tell anyone.

Claims take approximately 7 business days to complete as we attempt to locate a package on your behalf. The delivery carrier may contact you directly by phone or in person when on the route to show you where your package was left. This is the fastest and best way to get your package quickly as in many cases we, with the carrier's assistance, find missing packages. We ask for your patience as our website's policy requires this minimum amount of time to investigate.

Damaged or missing items: We will initiate an investigation on a damaged package or a package reported to have missing items. Be sure to keep the packaging as it will be required by Bubbles or by the carrier for an inspection.

Important note: When submitting an order, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the website. Please allow the allotted time necessary for the completion of the delivery investigation. Also, please monitor your emails and respond to communications from our company or the carrier.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation so that we may resolve any delivery problems as quickly as possible.

Note this excerpt from our website's terms and conditions: By ordering from Bubbles Bodywear, customer acknowledges and accepts the terms of our shipping procedures and these company policies. So that Bubbles Bodywear has timely information to investigate delivery problems, customer must report missing items, damaged items or missing packages within 5 days of the scanned delivery date or within 10 days of the delivery window stated on our website. Bubbles Bodywear is not responsible for incorrect shipping information submitted by the customer. Customer owns and is responsible for merchandise shipped back to Bubbles Bodywear. We are not responsible for return shipments that are shipped to us without postage or with an incorrect delivery address.

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