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Clear Bra Strap Extenders

C4 spacer

Bra Extenders

$ 8.00
Flexible, comfort-fit elastic extenders made with soft brushed backing, Bra Extenders let you customize your bra band to fit your body.

Maybe you're between sizes, a 35 instead of a 34 or 36? Maybe you're experiencing temporary weight gain, like during pregnancy? If just 1 or 2 inches too small, your improperly sized bra can inadvertently throw you back to the days of the too-tight corset - not to mention showing deep, unsightly grooves under clinging blouses or sweaters.

Available in 2-hook and 3-hook sizes to allow you to customize your bra band to fit your body. Add both inches and longevity to your bras without wiping out your budget. Each package of three gives you a white, black and beige.

Hand washable and easy to insert and remove. Available in 2-hook and 3-hook bra extenders. 3 per package: 1 beige, white, and black.

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  • Product Code: 10379
  • Available Sizes: 2 Hook, 3 Hook
  • Set of 3 extenders

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