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Attatch-to-Bra Straps

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Attach-to-Bra Straps

Shapewear Accessory

$ 15.00
Lost your shapewear straps? Never fear, Bubbles is here again with another creative problem-solving solution! Our exclusive shapewear straps are approximately 6 1/2 inches long and are designed with a double-clasp on one end. One hook attaches to the loop at top of your shapewear. The other hook attaches to one of the adjustable loops on the opposite end of the Strap.
  • Hook around shapewear loop and over bra
  • Prevents shapewear from rolling down
Works with any hi-rise shapewear that has loops on the waistband (that also reaches up to the bra line). Awesome!
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  • Product Code: 1050
  • Available Colors: Ivory (Sold Out), Black
  • Available Sizes: One Size
  • 3 straps per pack
  • Hand wash


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