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Highrise Padded Panties

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Padded Panty FeedbackBaby Got Feedback

Retro Diamond Highrise Padded Panty

Hidden, Moderate Buttock Padding

Another beautiful addition to our Retro Padded Panty Collection: high-quality, high-design derriere enhancers™. The Retro Collection incorporates sumptuous fabrics, hourglass curvature and ultra-feminine silhouettes to create a beautiful balance between shapewear and elegant lingerie.

Sophisticated, sleek diamond-shaped panels flatten the tummy and hips while a wide, comfy waistband prevents rolling at the waist. Removable derriere pads cup the cheeks and fit securely in each hidden pad pocket to prevent shifting. Pad pockets are hidden to prevent visible pad lines, to ensure the padding is undetectable. Exclusively ours.

Ships with 1 Panty and 1 Set of Pads. Pads are a moderate thickness of about 1/2 inch for a noticeable (but not a dramatic) boost. Additional options for Thicker and Silicone buttock pads can be added to your order below.

A Genuine Bubbles Bodywear Padded Underwear Product

  • Product Code: 9041
  • Available Colors: Black, Nude
  • Available Sizes: XS - 4XL

Retro Diamond Highrise Panty/Pad Sets

Add Thick Foam Pad Set (optional):

Add Clear Silicone Pad Set (optional):


Add Thick Foam Pad Set (optional):

Add Clear Silicone Pad Set (optional):

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Size Chart
Dress Size Hips (in) UK EU
X-Small 0 30 - 33.5 2 - 4 34
Small 0 - 2 34 - 35.5 4 - 6 36
Medium 4 - 6 36 - 37.5 6 - 8 38
Large 8 - 10 38 - 39.5 10 - 12 40
X-Large 12 - 14 40 - 41.5 14 - 16 42
XXL 16 - 18 42 - 43.5 18 - 20 44
3XL 18 - 20 44 - 45.5 22 - 24 46
4XL 20 - 22 46 - 47.5 24 - 26 48

Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Five Star Rating Hi! I ordered my first pair of underwear in a medium with medium silicon pads. I was instantly in love!! I had something I have never had before. My confidence has gone up so much. The medium was roomy, but still perfect to wear with tight jeans. I loved them so much I immediately ordered a second in a small. They shipped quickly and looked just as great as the first pair. I did have a seam that unraveled, but it was an easy fix. I emailed customer service to tell them about the seam issue. They promptly emailed me...I was so incredibly impressed! Great product and great customer service!!! I am a customer for life.

-Michelle, MN
Five Star Rating I just received my Retro Diamond Highrise Padded Panty and the Silicone pad I bought. I cannot tell you how wonderful this product is. I have worn it under a pencil skirt, light denim jeans, maxi-dress, and shorts, and they looked seamless and natural under all of them.

I walked around, sat down, got up, drove around, and did basically anything a normal Saturday would entail, and did not have any shifting, bunching, or sagging.

I am saving the silicone pad for the dresses, as the padding that comes with the panty is sufficient enough for me. This is a wonderful product!! I am going to be placing an order for anything and everything I can afford. Thank you, THANK YOU!

-Anonymous, Canada
Five Star Rating I am on my third pair of pocket panties with which I use the silicone pads. This pair I like, however, they are a bit pricey especially since the pads that they come with or about the quality of shoulder pads. The pocket panty, on the other hand are nice and stretchy and I do love them!

-Melanie, LA